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Sri Chandramoulisvaraya Namah:
Publication No. 34

Uttarayanam (six months from Thai-Pousha to Aani-Jyeshtha) is born. The five months from Maagha are Vasantha (spring) months. Perform upanayanam for all children, who have not yet been initiated into upanayanam. In every place, a few believers should get together and take stock of how many boys above 7 years of age are yet to be initiated. They should then see that all those boys without exception are initiated into upanayanam. In consultation with believers in different places, they should explore suitable ways and see that upanayanam is completed somehow. Next year no boy above 7 years of age should remain without upanayanam. Only if Gayatri enters the heart before the entry of kama (lust), there will be Brahmatejas (Brahmic brilliance) in that body. Only if one has Brahmatejas, he can render true help to all people in the world. Hence our primary duty is to take necessary action carefully this year itself to ensure that no boy above 7 years of age remains uninitiated next year. When such arrangements are made for conducting individual upanayanam or group dharma upanayanams, it is essential to call a Dharmagna or Gruhyagna vidvan four days in advance of the upanayanam, make him explain in detail the meanings of the upanayana mantras to the boys and their parents. Sambhavana (honorarium) should be given to the Dharmagna or Gruhyagna vidvan so called.




Translated by: P R Kannan, Navi Mumbai

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