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Refresher Course on Values & Ethics in Pancha Kavya- the five gems of Sanskrit Literature

With Blessings of His Holiness Jagadguru Shankaracharya of Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, a continuous Refresher Course on Values & Ethics in Pancha Kavya, the five gems of Sanskrit Literature has been arranged. Youth & devotees may participate and avail the opportunity.

Venue: Sankara Matam, Near Madley Subway, West Mambalam, Chennai

Date & Time: Every Sunday 4PM to 6PM

Speaker: Shri Vijayaraghava Shastrigal

Contact: 9381002507 or

About the Pancha Maha Kavyas:
In Sanskrit Literature, Srimad Ramayana is considered to be the Adikavya. Of the Pancha Maha Kavyas, "Raghuvamsam" by Kalidasa is the Kavya which deals exhaustively with Sri Rama and his forerunners. "Kumarasambhava" also by Kalidasa describes the high order of penance of Sri Parvati Devi and the Karuna of Parameswara. "Kiratarjuneeyam" by Bharavi is the literature which beautifully desribes the Pandavas in forest, penance of Arjuna, the effort of Duryodhana for good governance to win peoples' hearts to cover up his misdeeds. The story of Shishupala who took birth as a Rakshasa and got his Shapavimochana by Sri Krishna Himself is dealt in "Shishupalavadham". The story of Nala Chakravarty, the king of Nishada is very nicely described in the Kavya "Naishadam". 

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