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Camp Adayapalam Updates

3 & 4 Oct. 2015

Upanyasam was performed by Shri Maheshwaran Namboodiri on Advaita & Appayya Dikshita yesterday(3 Oct.) in the Parvathy Ambal Sannidhi. An instrumental concert was performed by Shri Villivakkam Raghuram & Jagannathan group in the Parvathy Ambal Sannidhi. Shri TVR Chari introduced the artists.
Parayanam of Appayya Dikshitar's works continued today(4 Oct.) as well. Surya Namaskaram - Aruna Prashnam was chanted by Veda Vidyarthis from Polur Veda Pathashala in the Chandramouleeshwara Sannidhi.
With the Blessings of His Holiness the Adayapalam team organised Anna Prasadam for the villagers. Devotees offered Nadasamarpan at puja and Parvathy Amman Shrine.

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