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His Holiness starts on Yatra for the Tiruvanaikaval Kumbhabhishekam, camp at Villupuram

2 Dec. 2018
His Holiness Pujyashri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswati Shankaracharya Swamigal commenced the journey for Tiruvanaikaval Kumbhabhishekam in the afternoon hours of 2nd Dec, 2018. In the morning, after completing the Trikala Puja, His Holiness blessed Kumbhabhishekam of Adi Sankara Vimana Mantapam at Prayagraj via Video Conference. The Chief Minister who participated in the Kumbhabhishekam sought blessings of His Holiness for the people & the upcoming Ardh Kumbh Mela.
Just before Yatra commencement, His Holiness performed deeparadhana at Adhisthanams and gave Yatra Danam. Prasadam from Anjaneyar temple was given at the entrance of Srimatam. The entourage then went to Kamakshi Amman Sannidhi. His Holiness received Prasadams, did a Pradakshinam around the temple via the mada streets and left for Villupuram via Chengalpattu.
At Chengalpattu, His Holiness blessed a cultural function at Vivekananda Vidyalaya. The school conducts & encourages traditional Indian sports and events. In his Anugraha Bhashanam, His Holiness pointed the need for inculcating traditional, cultural & family values to children and that this will inturn help in nation building and channelising positive energy.
Later His Holiness blessed the Bala veda Pathsahala at Tozhupedu village on the National Highway. Enroute His Holiness was received at entrance of Tindivanam by Veda Pathashala students and devotees. The entourage then arrived at Villupuram at 8 PM and visited Kanyaka Parameswari Temple. His Holiness then reached Sankara Matam and blessed the devotees.