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Sharan-Navaratri Mahotsavam at Sri Kamakshi Ambal Devasthanam, Kanchipuram - Glimpses

Sharan-Navaratri Mahotsavam is being celebrated with divine fervor at Sri Kamakshi Ambal Devasthanam, Kanchipuram from the 29th Sep. 2019. Every eveing, Utsava Kamakshi is taken in a ceremonial procession from her Sannadhi first to the Yagashala Mandapam, where harati is performed, and then onwards to the Navaratri mandapam located near the "Panchaganga" Pushkarini in the temple. After Chaturveda Parayanam in which vedic scholars of the four Veda Shakhas render parayanam, neivedyam, and deeparadhana is performed to the Goddess. This is followed by the Asura Samharam - wherein the battle between the Goddess and the Asura is enacted with fireworks symbolizing the divine astras that vanquish the Asura. It is a captivating sight to see, especially for the young ones.
As part of the upacharas (offerings), Nada Samarpanam is performed. Later in the night, The Goddess, decked and decorated, with the temple umbrellas and other accompaniments then makes her journey back to the Utsava Sannadhi, wtih the melliflous notes of the Naadaswaram in the background and fireworks lighting the sky.

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