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Anugraha Bhashanam - Veda Saptaham for Veda Vidyarthis Ayodhya Mandapam, West Mambalam 22/9/2019

Anugraha Bhashanam - Veda Saptaham for Veda Vidyarthis Ayodhya Mandapam, West Mambalam 22/9/2019 It is a fact what the Veda Adhyapaka just expressed that Veda Saptaham is a new effort, and will enable Vidyarthis to learn Vedas with more interest and has generated enthusiasm. While there is a definite way to lecture on subjects like Ramayana, Bhagavatha, other Granthas like Upanishats, Viveka Chudamani, etc, the speaker handling Veda Saptaham has to keep in mind the Greatness & vastness of the subject he is dealing with, the proper purport & meaning of Mantras to be explained, the various type of audiences he has to address, here Vidyarthis are the participants, so the need to keep things simple, generate interest and also convey the depth of the subject and overall, this is a very noble and new effort. This kind of a programme is very important for those in Vedic field as it enables them to understand the nuances of Vedic knowledge tradition, opens their mind to the realms of Vedic Granthas and guides as how to approach higher learning in Vedas. Though it was a new effort, the feedback from Vidyarthis has shown that the programme has to an extent achieved its objectives. We have to create opportunities to conduct such programmes which will allow Vidyarthis to get exposure, expertise and experience. By this event, Veda Vidyarthis can acquire Gnana available in other Vedas apart form their’s, as Sastras have expounded that ‘that which has not been told here (in this context) can be derieved if available from elsewhere (any other source)’. This Saptaha as a ‘Purvanga’ has enabled Vidyarthis to get introduction on special aspects of various Vedas since they are all the more expected to know the real & full purport of Vedic knowledge. Presently, there is lot of attraction and exposure for Loukika Vidya. We have to work in such a way that the same attraction comes in the Vedic field too. If we fix our objective that ‘Knowledge should be protected and Scholars should be patronised’, and conduct programmes, then we will be doing Vidya Seva. Vedic Society should unite through knowledge, faith, & affection. There are two types of approach. One is carrying on time tested existing norms of teaching tradition and other is rejuvenating the overall Vedic atmosphere which continues even after the student passes out of Veda Pathashala. Only by focussing on overall development and adhering to wholesome practices, will the Mantras, which have been learnt in the Gurukulams will give their full benefits. We have to look beyond small-big, important-unimportant and address all issues that help in advancement of this tradition. For this a sound economical framework, apt regulations & conducive administrative mechanism will help. We have to identify everyone’s capability, interest, knowledge, experience, not leave anyone out and develop the Vedic tradition with all its features. Positive & enthusiastic feedback from the Vidyarthis help the Teachers to go further deep into the subject. Only when knowledge starts to give its result will everyone associated with such endeavours feel satisfied. The organisers like here, in “Rama Samaj” also are feeling enthused by the Vidyarthis’s response and good intention of this effort. We have come so far today due to the untiring efforts of our Acharyas who have sown the seeds for this knowledge tradition. If we are able to eat the fruits of a tree, it is due to the seed sown earlier. Same so, we see when pedalling a cycle. By pedalling continuously for sometime, the cycle goes on without pedalling for some distance. Hence we have to keep on doing our efforts so that knowledge is transferred in the right manner to the coming generations. Philanthropists should support such knowledge based efforts. They should support for scholarship of students so that they don’t have to drop mid-way for want of money and achieve higher learning in Vedic field. As we get more comfort we should do more Dharma and in a deep & detailed manner. We have been continuously talking about Charity Guidance & Charity Management Programme. Charity Management encompasses training fresh/ retired public servants etc to administer Veda Pathashalas, Temples, Public Charities etc. Charity Guidance is to guide philanthropists as to where support is required. Only then we can build a strong, united and productive society. By proper guidance those noble endeavours which have been already started will continue to thrive and will also get stronger. This concentrated effort will help in a great way. In foreign countries our own people are able to excel in higher learning because of scholarship, infrastructure, lab facilities and other support. Here too if we position our efforts, interest and intent with integrated approach then we can achieve great knowledge progress. Clarity, firmness and will power of one & all should increase in doing Dharma. Through Dharma we should get Ishvara Anugraham.

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