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Anugraha Bhashanam to Tiruvilakku Puja at Nagaimukhavalli Sameta Kandhazheeshwarar Temple, Kundratur

His Holiness visited Nagai Mukha Valli Amman Sametha Kanthazheeswarar Temple, Kundrathur, Chennai Outskirts to bless a Tiruvilakku Puja organised by Tirukkoil Vazhippadu Kuzhu on 30/5/2019 Deepa Mangala Jyoti Namo Nama For every person to live with devotion, to inculcate good habits, to perform useful deeds for themselves and others, to beget good capacity and thinking, Bhakti should grow. By living a noble life, we should fulfil the objective of human existence. In every juncture of life without any second thought we should hold to only good objectives. Temples are sign of goodness and are of three types- Swayambhu, Rishi Pratishtha & Manava Pratishtha. In our Tamilnadu there are very many Siddhas who sanctified the land with their penance and worshipped the Lord. When Brahma performed Yagnyas Lord Varadaraja appeared and blessed. The Rishis who had assembled for the Yagnya stayed at a place known as Shadaranya Kshetra. Arcot gets its name due to the penance & yagnyas performed by Six Rishis. The third is temples established by Kings & Humans for fulfilling individual desire, Punya, Pride & Bhakti. Kundrathur is a place where Bhakti flourished. Our Periyava published a book on temples named Chekkilar Vazhiyil Shivasthalangal in Tamil language through Pulavar Jaya Senthilnathan & Tamil teachers from Pachaiyappas High School. Tamilmuraiuraimani a commentary on Thevaram by Arunavel Mudaliar, Vajravel Mudaliar Tamil scholars who helped in Shaivam & Bhakti Pracharam were honoured by our Periyava on a Tamil New Years day . God’s compassion uplifts the life even of a normal human being as a good, well behaved and a person with good qualities. Here the name of Lord is Kanthaleeswara Swamy who uplifts the life of people and the name of Amman is Nagai Mukha Valli Amman meaning Goddess with a beautiful smile. The smile of Goddess removes all difficulties and bestows happiness to devotees. In this divine temple our Tirukoil & Sankara Organisation along with village people have done Deepa Puja on this Guruvaram- Ekadashi which will beget blessings of Goddess & Perumal. Daily Deep should be lit daily at our homes and children should be trained in our family traditions. We should contribute for the upkeep and maintenance of temple. Nayanmar Tirunavkkarasu Peruman is embodiment of Uzhavaara Pani (Temple upkeep & Maintence). The idols of Naalvar Appar, Sundarar, Maniccavasagar, Tirunavakkarasar who propogated Bhakti is worshipped in the temple. If not for feeling of Bhakti, ego & desire will naturally overtake humble qualities. Strong will and unwavering mind can be achieved by Bhakti. In our prayers there are verses which pray that whatever may be my Janma, I should always be engrossed in godly thoughts. We see Kshetras where elephant, spider have worshipped the Lord. Pusalar Nayanar built a temple in his mind and in the same time a king too had consecrated a temple. The Lord choose to go the Pusalar Nayanars’ temple consecration. This shows that whatever work we may perform but complete involvement is necessary. While giving food, we should give with affection. Affection, compassion, mercy are qualities which are nurtured by spirituality. Temples should develop, this is not only in terms of building but Nitya Puja should happen. For this devotees as a group should get involved. They can help in upkeep & maintenance of temples. Several families here are helping in performance of Pujas. Fortunately there are three or four families involved in Nitya Puja of this temples. Kumbhabhiskekams must be performed ever twelve years. In temples we come across Grabha Gruha, Ardha Mandapam, Maha Mandapam & Gopuram (Gopura Darshanam Koti Punyam). In Kanchipuram, Chidambaram, Srirangam etc we see Gopurams in each of the four directions. This kind of tradition, sastric & religion oriented service activity should happen in temples which will help temples to develop as centres of culture & religion. Kula Daiva Pujas and worship should never be forgotten. In Earlier days Mahabharata used to be told in temples and people used to get an introduction to noble Puranic characters. In many homes we come across a habit of saving money on a daily basis and then that is offered to Kuladiavam temples during our visit . This is for remembering our Kuladevatha/Ishtadevatha in our minds on a daily basis. By Dharmic deeds good rain should be gotten. With divine blessings more and more such opportunities to do Dharmic deeds should grow. Kamakshi Amman is called as Aramvalarthanayaki -Dharmasamvardhini. With our sincere efforts we can definitely increase Dharma & Divine Love. In this way more & more Dharma Karyas should happen and everyone should prosper. Tennadudaya Shivane Potri/ Ennatavarkum Iraiva Potri Vetri Vel Muruganukku Haro Hara

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