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His Holiness inaugurated Sadhana prog at South Zone Cultural Centre, Thanjavur on 1/7/2019- Speech

His Holiness inaugurated Sadhana Building at South Zone Cultural Centre at Thanjavur on 1/7/2019. The Secretary Sri Balasubramaniam, Senior Mrudangam Artist & Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam Asthana Vidwan Sri TK Murthy & Clarionet Vidwan Sri AKC Natrajan and other prominent citizens of Thanjavur were present. सरिगमपदनिरतां तां वीणासंक्रान्तकान्तहस्तां ताम्। शान्तां मृदुलस्वान्तां कुचभरनतां तां नमामि शिवकान्ताम्॥ The Sadhana programme is being inaugurated at South Zone Cultural Centre today. India is a country with cultural oneness. To. Protect, Preserve and Propogate Culture, the Govt of India through Ministry of Culture has established culture centres in every zone including in Lucknow, Kolkatta, Mumbai, Jammu, Thanjavur etc. The Culture with all its diversity is still one in India. In Nepal too we see this great culture preserved. Culture is to be protected for world peace. In God’s creation there are many astonishing things. Culture is one among them. Culture helps to create interest to understand varied perspectives in a healthy way, develops mature mindset to work together, and builds foundation to grasp all good things. Only by the existence of a lofty cultural ideal and a noble mind which is above the individual human limitations of dualities, we are able to nurture good culture. To nurture this great culture our Kanchi Acharyas conducted Vyasa Bharata Kaladi Vidwat Agama Shilpa Sadas at Ilayathangudi near Pudukottai 1960’s by encouraging Agama Sastras, Shilpa Kalas, Folk arts, Nadaswaram and other arts. This programme later happened at Narayanapuram, Madurai, Kalahasti, Vijayawada, Secunderabad & Kanchipuram. Arts is also one form of culture. Protecting Arts & Partonizing Artists should be our Motto. Culture is also about strength of intellect, nobility in mind and unity in work. This culture crossed the shores of India and we can see that in Cambodia, Laos & Vietnam. In Cambodia we can see the word ‘Kanchipura’ in an inscription. In another inscription there is a mention of the word Bhagavat Shankara described as an abode of Shastric learning. येनाधीतानि शास्त्राणि भगवच्छंकराह्वयात्।निःशेषसूरिमूर्धालिमालालीढाङ्घ्रिपंकजात्॥ South India has the pride of taking our culture to places in South East Asia. In Indonesia, in their language called Bhasha we see use of DUA, LIMA, TIGA which have similarities with Sanskrit language. Similarities in culture can be seen by their practise of Ramayana Ballads especially in Java, Sumatra, Bali etc. By this we come to understand that Indian Culture has transcended region, religion & languages and has unified people. India once upon was a land of culture which gifted culture for the entire world. In places like Mexico etc we can see the culture of mountainous people similar to ours. In this cultural abode of the world, today we are reminiscent of culture through temples which has developed Building Architecture, Sangeetam, Natya Kala, Hastakala, Yoga Sastra & Sahitya Sastra. Right from lyrics of poetry to Ratha Bandham the literature has developed with finer details of Matra Kalam & Chandas. Para Pashyanti Madhyama Vaikhari depict the four stages of Dhvani (sound) expressed through Nabhi (Naval), Hrut (Heart), Kantha (Neck) & Rasana (tongue). Today we are in a state where we ourselves need to realise the importance of culture. Due to our unfounded apprehensions of attributing oldness & utility value of culture we sometimes miss the many good & noble thoughts deeply imprinted in it. Nowadays, many people are realisings its value and have again started the quest to learn about culture. This is a good sign. Likewise, East- West Understanding is important. As on one side in East, there are developing countries with big & diverse population and on the west we see some more developed countries and few other countries. Equality & balance can be achieved through culture and by that we can protect people. Through East-West understanding we can imbibe progressive methods from developed countries and simultaneously help developing countries. Ultimately Indian culture’s growth will primarily help entire world. Culture is not limited just to building structures or musical instruments etc but there are deep messages engrained in it for humanity. Vedas show that inspite of the mundane material rush, Sacrifice, Devotion & Service is fundamental for human growth. In this country, common people living in even small huts may or may not know the words of philosophy but they know its value & essence. What do we have to achieve in this human life. There is no doubt that winning medals, titles etc is definitely an achievement by itself but beyond that, fulfilment of mind, Ishvara Anugrahaman, our duty & repayment of debt towards society is to be thought. Dedicated support & service to culture, will help generations and foster individual peace and societal harmony. *This is half speech. Full text available in website.

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