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CAMP CHENNAI - HH Pujyashri Shankaracharya Swamigals will perform the Nitya Pujas at Shrimatam camp in the Madras Sanskrit College, Mylapore, Chennai from 18 May 2015 to 4 June 2015. Various spiritual & cultural programmes will take place right through the day. Devotees are invited to attend the pujas and receive the blessings of Sri Chandramouleeswara Swamy and Pujyashri Acharya Swamigals.  For further details, contact - 98400 56148, 98404 12086, 98410 13074, 99405 56633
29 May - Sanyasa Sweekara Day of HH Pujyashri Shankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Shankaracharya Swamiji - It was on this day in 1983 that His Holiness received Sanyasa Deeksha at the age of 13.
Madras Sanskrit College - Alumni Function held in the presence of His Holiness
Yajur Veda Sammelan Concludes - Shrimatam Camp at Mylapore - 24 May 2015
Kal Vaitta Vaaram held at Shrimatam Camp, Mylapore- 24 May 2015
Pushpabhishekam performed to His Holiness- Shrimatam Camp at Mylapore - 24 May 2015
Veda Dharma Shastra Paripalana Sabha - Visesha Upanyasam -31 May2015
Veda Parayanam performed at Swamimalai - May 2015
Nada Samarpanam at Shrimatam Camp, Mylapore
Yajur Veda Sammelan at Shrimatam Camp, Mylapore
Chidambaram Shri Nataraja Temple - Yagashala and Kumbhabhishekam in benign presence of Their Holinesses

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