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Contents (books, articles, etc.)

Hindu Dharma
This is a highly engrossing, inspirational and thought provoking book. This publication, by Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, is an English translation of two volumes of "Deivathin Kural", which contains talks of His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Mahaswamiji, in Tamil. This book is divided into several chapters.
About the book 'Hindu Dharma' on this Web Site
Preface to the Book
A note to the readers
Translator's note
The Unity of Religions
Qualities of Religious Teachers
Dharma Alone Protects
Papa and Punya
The Purpose of Religion
Man and Beast
Devotion Common to all Faiths
The Religion without a Name
The Universal Religion
Distinctive Features of Sanathan Dharama
The Vedas, the Root of All
The Vedas in their Original Form
Division of Labour
What is Varna Dharma?
Unity in Diversity
Divided by Work but still of One Heart
Why only in this Country
Who is Responsible for the Decay of Varna Dharma?
The Least Expected of Brahmins
Preserving the Vedas: Why it is a Lifetime Mission
Is Cutting off the Head a Cure for Headache?
My Work
The Cure for the Disease called Modern Civilisation
Religion and Society
Neither too Much Ease nor too Many Comforts
Sastra or Conscience?
The Basic Texts of Hinduism : Our Ignorance of Them
Why Religion ?
The Fourteen Abodes of Knowledge
Past Glory and Present Shame
The Root of our Religion
Sound and Creation
Western Vedic Research
Date of the Vedas : Inquiry not Proper
Methods of Chanting
Word of God
The Vedas are Infinite
Sound and Meaning
The Glory of the Vedas
Yajna or Sacrifice
Not in Other Religions
The Threefold Purpose of Yajna
The Celestials and Mortals Help Each Other
The Capacity to Work and the Capacity to Protect
Rites for Celestials, Rites for Fathers
The Purpose of Sacrifices
Is Sacrificial Killing Justified?
Animal Sacrifice in the Age of Kali
The One Goal
Those who conduct Sacrifces
The Four Vedas
To Discover The One Truth
Brahmana, Aranyaka
The Upanisads
The Brahmasutra
Veda and Vedanta : Are They Opposed to One Another?
The Ten Upanasids
What do the Vedas Teach Us ?
Essence of the Upanisadic Teaching
Vedic Sakhas
Brahmins and Non-Brahmins
Sakhas now Studied
Duty of Brahmins
My Duty
Greatness of the Vedas
Sadanga : Introductory Discourse
Nose of the Vedapurusa
Yoga and Speech
Root Language - Sanskrit
A Language that has all Phonemes
Languages and Scripts : Indian and Foreign
Importance of Enunciation, Intonation
Versions with Slight Differences
Vedic Vocalisation and the Regional Languages
Impact of Siksa Sastra
Names of Months
Other Notable Aspects of Siksa
Mouth of the Vedapurusa
Grammar and Siva
Works on Grammar
Sanskrit and Tamil Grammar
Sanskrit : The Universal Language
Linguistic Studies and Religion
Foot of the Vedapurusa
Pada or Foot
Feet and Syllables
How Poetry was Born
Some Metrical Forms
Uses of Chandas Sastra
Foot for the Vedas, Nose for the Mantras
Reference, part 8
Ear of the Vedapurusa
Eye of the Vedapurusa
Astronomy and Astrology
Ancient Mathematical Treasties
Planets, Stars
The Grahas and Human Life
Omens, Signs
Modern Discoveries in Ancient Works
Not Blind Belief
Empirical Proof
Hand of the Vedapurusa
Explication of Vedic Laws
No Concept of God in Mimamsa
Nyaya and Mimamsa :They brought about the Decline of Buddhism
Buddhism and Indian Society
Sankara and Non- Vedantic Systems
Mimansa and Adi Sankara
Determining the Meaning of Vedic Texts
Mimamsa Beliefs
Sankara's Reply
Vedanta and Mimamsa
How Mimamsa is Esteemed
Science of Reasoning
Rational Way to Know God
We Need All Types of Knowledge
Tarka Treatises
Cause of Creation
Some Stories, Some Arguments
Magnifying Glass of the Vedas
Puranas and History
Are the Puranas a Lie of Are They Metaphorical ?
Meaningful even if Imaginary
Vyasa's Priceless Gift to Us
Upa-puranas and Others
Itihasas and Puranas
The Epics and their Greatness
Why Differences among the Gods ?
The One as Many
Many paths to the One Goal
Who Taught the Puranas ?
They Speak like a Friend
Puranic Discourses and Films
Sthla Puranas
The Authenticity of Sthala Puranas
Interconnected Stories
Importance of Sthala Puranas
Preserving the Puranas
Palm-leaf Manuscripts, Libraries
Realising the Ideals of the Puranas
Smritis and Allied Works
Freedom and Discipline
Signs, Marks
Smritis - not Independent Works
The Source of Smritis is the Vedas
Sruti-Smriti - Srauta-Smarta
Paradise or the Path of Atmajnana ?
Three Types of Worlds
Meaning of Samskara
The Eight Qualities
Gunas in Practical Life
Importance of Agni
Names of Samskaras
Samskaras Performed by Parents
Why not All Samskaras for All ?
The Sastras and Popular Custom
Basic to the Vedic Tradition
Qualities of a Brahmacarin
Naisthika Brahmacarya and Family Life
Upanayana : When to Perform It ?
Models to Follow
Why Early Upanayana
Domestic Life and the Carnal Desire
The Brahmin must keep his Body Pure
Gayatri and Sandhyavandana
Other Aspects of Sandhyavandana
What about Women ?
The High Status of Our Women
For the Practise of Dharma
Upanayana for Girls
The Age of Marriage and the Law
Controversy about Age of Marriage
Eight Forms of Marriage
Why Child Marriage
Our Duty Now
Make Marriages Simple
Duty of Motherhood
Duty of the Bridegroom
Arrangements made by the Matha
The Real Reform
Working Women
Any Use Talking ?
Marriage Expenses and the Sastras
Three Ways to Economy
Ideals of Marriage
Grhastha, Grhini
Can a new Brahmin Caste be Created ?
Aupasana and Women
Agni and the Vedic Religion
Other Samskaras
Goal of Samskaras
A Day in the Life of a Brahmin
Jatis - Why so many Differences ?
Caste according to the Vedas and the Gita
Character and Vocation by Birth
Vocations according to Guna not in Practice
A Wrong Notion
Equal Opportunities
Strength of Unity
Hinduism and Other Religions
The Eternal Religion
Brahmins are not a Privileged Caste
Universal Well-being
The Fourth Varna has its own Advantages
Removal of Ego
The Ultimate Purpose of Varna Dharma
The Universal Remedy
Sankara and Sanatana Dharma
Cry 'Grow' - Don't Cry 'Perish'
Outward Karma - Inward Meditation
How to Cultivate Character and Good Conduct
' Samsare Kim Saram ? '
Inward and Outward
Do We Need Rituals ?
Karma is the Starting Point of Yoga
How to Control the Mind
To Serve Others is to Feel Blessed
Making all Creatures Happy
Towards Mental Purity
Are We Worthy of Being Angry ?
Love and Sorrow
Sesame and Water : Where do they Go ?
The Souvenir
This is a collection of experiences that persons had had with His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Mahaswamiji. Also included are articles by various eminent personalities.
Sri Sankara Bhagavatpada An article on Sri Adi Sankara ByHis Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekharendra Sarasvati Mahaswamigal Sri Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham
Guru Bhakthi His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Jayendra Sarasvathi Svamigal Sri Sankaracharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham on Guru Bhakti, dedication to the Guru.
Let His Grace Protect us His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sankara Vijayendra Sarasvathi Svamigal on Sri Sri Sri MahaPerivaa
The life and work of Sri Sankara An interesting article on Sri Adi Sankara, written by Prof. P. Sankaranarayanan
A grand Social Idealist, Dr. Radhakrishnan Dr. S. Radhakrishnan on the System of Sri Sankara, and his philosophies, etc.
The System of Sankara By Dr. Will Durant An interesting article by Dr. Will Durant, on the teachings of Sri Adi Sankara
Sankara and the West By Prof. Ninian Smart Various reactions and thoughts of the West with respect to the teachings and philosophies of Sri Adi Sankara
Tributes by Ancient and Medieval Saints A collection of tributes to Sri Adi Sankara by well known persons, including: various Acharyas, Sri Appayya Dikshita, Swami Vivekananda, Sister Nivedita, Annie Besant, Pt Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, Rajaji, etc.
Kanchi - The Kamakotipuri An article on Kanchipuram, the Holy City, describing what makes Kanchipuram an important city, and what makes it a sacred site (mokshapuri)
The Acharyas of The Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham A list of particulars of all the Jagadgurus at the Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham; the names, place of birth, place of attainment of Samadhi, Year of Siddhi (Christian era), and the duration of Pontificate
Sri Sankara and Kanchipuram An article on Sri Adi Sankara and His association with Kanchipuram
The episode of The 'Arrest' of the Kanchi Math! By Sri MahaPerivaa H.H. Jagadguru Sri Sankaracharya Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Mahaswamigal recounting a real story that occurred at the time of the 64th Acharya.
What Life has taught Me: Sri MahaPerivaa Rarely do saints like our Paramacharya talk about themselves. But he did so and what he said was marked by humility of which he is never tried of speaking. Said the Acharya: God has created some souls to live for others only.
God Incarnate By Allur Sri Viswanatha Sivachariar A short but moving article on Sri Maha Perivaa by Shri Allur Sri Viswanatha Sivachariar
Let His Grace protect us A short and moving article on The Jagadguru Sri MahaPerivaa by Shri A. R. Venkatraman
The Sub-Judge of Kumbhakonam and His Holiness A must read article. Contains a moving and very interesting article that shows the simplicity and boundless Grace of The Jagadguru
Some family reminiscences by Kalyani Rajagopalan Another interesting article on The Jagadguru Sri MahaPerivaa, the experiences of a family. A small example of some of His Miracles and boundless Grace !
Paramacharya an Avatar of Lord Sankara Himself by C.N. Kuppuswamy A rather moving article showing the simplicity of Faith and Belief, yet another example of Guru Bhakti and how priceless, invaluable and precious it could be.
Paramacharya's boundless concern by J. Sudha A touching example of Sri MahaPerivaa's concern for his devotees.
A Unique Seer by Prabha Devi Another short article on The Jagadguru
Paramacharya's grace in a devotee's life by K.S. Padmaja Sri MahaPerivaa's Grace and experiences of a family with Him
Mahaswamigal of Kanchi by Srimathi Sarojini Varadappan Some touching experiences and incidents with The JagadGuru.
Solace in faith by Mrs. Rajalakshmi Sastry, M.A., B.ed., Another incident that shows the simplicity and value of faith and belief in The JagadGurus.
My experiences with Sri Paramacharyal by Srimathi Radha Sadasivam A very interesting set of Experiences with Him that remind one of The Jagadguru's unique ways !
His Holiness and Sri Lalita Geetha Narayanam byt Smt. Kalakkad R. Seethalakshmi Yet another set of examples that show His Boundless Grace and Compassion
Invisible power by R. Seshaiah An incident in the life of R. Seshaiah showing the power of belief
Grace of Sankara Incarnate by Dr. T.M.P. Mahadevan A tribute to The MahaSwamiji, Sri Sri Sri MahaPerivaa by Shri T M P Mahadevan, an ardent devotee of The Peetham
(Life sketch of His Holiness from His 75th Year) , The Evening of an Epic Life by Shri. A. Kuppuswami A very moving and touching tribute to the JagadGuru, Sri Sri Sri MahaPerivaa by Shri. A. Kuppuswami
Kanchi Paramacharyal , Sri-la-Sri Sivaprakasa Desika Paramacharya Svamigal , Thiruvavaduthurai Aadheenam An article about the Aadheenam and Their relationship
Kanchi Paramacharyal Sri-la-Sri Shanmugha Desika Gnana Sambandha, Paramacharya Svamigal, Dharumai Aadheenam
Kasi Math's Tribute to The Sage of Kanchi A tribute by Sri-la-Sri Kasivasi Muthukumarasvami Tambiran Svamigal, Tiruppanandal
The MahaPerivaa of Kanchi: A rare phenomenon of this Yuga By Poojya Sri Vamadeva Muni Rajaguru of Thailand
The Mahapurusha of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham A tribute by His Holiness Paramahamsa Om Tat Sat Ananda of Rishikesh
The Wandering Sannyasi Acharya Vinobha Bhave's tribute to The Acharya, a warm and inspiring article
The Sage of Kanchi A tribute to The MahaSwamiji by Shri R. Venkataraman (Former President of India)
A Buddhist garland for The Jagadguru A tribute by Shri Marco Pallis
His Holiness and the Red Indian By Frithjof Schuon. A spiritual encounter between His Holiness the Jagadguru and a Red Indian holy man
The Master I found An article by Robet Walser, after his meeting with His Holiness in November, 1993
Jnana Yogi with Bhakti Arthur Koestler's moving and inspiring article recounting an encounter with His Holiness
Sankaracharya A tribute to His Holiness by Milton Singer, from the University of Chicago
His Holiness Jagadguru Sri Sankaracharya of Kanchi A tribute to His Holiness by Dr. A.B. Franklin, Former American Consul-General
From a Russian Indologist Interview of Dr. S.I. Tulaev with His Holiness
Evening with A Sage Arthur Isenberg's meeting with His Holiness
My experience with His Holiness A very motivating and inspiring article by Miss Eugenia Borghini
Dr. J.W. Elder's interview with H.H. Kanchi Paramacharya Excerpts from the well known interview, with The Jagadguru answering questions in His own inimitable style
An interview with His Holiness Sir Paul Dukes and M. Philippe Lavastine, Feb' 1958
Spiritual quest- A challenge to the Physician An article by Shri Dagmar Liechti (Zurich)
Meeting with Perfection by Dr. T.M.P. Mahadevan Yet another tribute by an ardent devotee of His Holiness
A few moments with Paramacharya N.A. Palkhivala pays a tribute to The JagadGuru
A few moments with Paramacharya The experiences of Dr. K.R.V. Rao with His Holiness
A few moments with Paramacharya by Dr. Raja Ramanna Experiences that bring forth the Magic of the boundless Grace and Blessings of His Holiness
Why am I so moved by this Swamiji? An emotional tribute to The Jagadguru by Shri. H.V.R. Iyengar
Embodiment of Enlightenment by Dr. Kripanandavariar Shri Kripanandavariar writes about some moving incidents on the infinite Compassion of The JagadGuru. A must read article.
The Ideal Prophet of our Age Agnihotram Ramanuja Tatachariar's tribute to His Holiness. An interesting article on some of the tasks undertaken under the Blessings of His Holiness
The Light that shines in Kanchi Sastra Ratnakara S.R. Krishnamurthi Sastrigal brief article on His Holiness
A Few moments with Paramacharya An interesting set of incidents with His Holiness by Kulapathi S.Balakrishna Joshi
Globe's beacon light at Nagareshu Kanchi Justice T.S. Arunachalam 's tribute to His Holiness, includes an incident, an example of His Compassion and Kindness
Paramacharya's Perception Justice R. Sengottuvelan narrates an incident that shows a glimplse of His perceptions
The Sage of Kanchi Yet another tribute to The JagadGuru by Late N. Chandrasekhara Iyer (Retired Judge, Supreme Court of India)
The Universal Guru Dr A.C. Muthiah's tribute to His Holiness. Also includes some rather moving incidents.
Obeisance of the Paramacharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham Dr. M.A.M. Ramaswamy's article on His Holiness, expounding one of the most simple messages of His Holiness.`
The Paramacharya of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham Dr. K. Venkatasubramanian's moving article on His Holiness
The Sage of Kanchi-A vision of divinity Dr S.V. Chittibabu's tribute to The JagadGuru, contains some excellent quotations and thoughts of His Holiness.
My experience with His Holiness Dr. Mandana Mishra's experiences with His Holiness
Kanchi Mahaperiaval Dr. N. Mahalingam's tributes to His Holiness
My blessed experience Mahavidwan Dr. S. Arunaivadivel Mudaliar's tribute and experiences with The JagadGuru, yet more glimpses of His Compassion
Compassion and objectivity of H.H. Paramacharyal Dr. P.K. Sundaram's inspiring article on His Holiness
A living God on earth Dr. S. Padmanabhan's tribute to The JagadGuru
The Paramacharya- The confluence of compassion Dr. S.O. Ramakrishnan's moving article on his experiences with The JagadGuru
The Saint amongst Saints Kainkarya Siromani Dr. S.V. Narasimhan, D.Litt.'s experiences with His Holiness. A set of emotionally inspiring Divine incidents narrating The JagadGuru's Foresight and Divinity.
The Maha-Svami and The Maharishi Ra. Ganapati's tribute to His Holiness and to Bhagavan Sri Ramana Maharishi. A must read article.
The Chandrasekhara of Kanchi and The Chandrasekhara of Sringeri Ra. Ganapati's article on the two Saints, shows more of His initimable and unique style
Paramacharya's benign grace Some moving incidents with His Holiness, by C.V. Narasimhan, I.P.S. (Retd)
Paramacharya of Kanchi Pon Paramaguru, I.P.S. (Retd) writes on the boundless Kindness and Concern of The JagadGuru
The Sage of Kanchi P. Sitapati I.A.S.(Retd.), on the Great Saint, more incidents with The MahaSwami
Embodiment of the essential Indian spirit B.Viswanatha Reddi's tribute to The MahaSwamiji
My experiences with His Holiness Mantri Ratnam A.R.Seshiah Sastrigal's tribute of His Holiness showing glimpses of His boundless powers and compassion
Mahaswamigal's Grace P.Chennarayudu's experiences with The MahaSwamiji, yet more glimpses of His infinite Kindness and Compassion
Our Great Jagadguru K. Balasubramanya Iyer's tribute to The MahaSwamiji
My experiences with the Paramacharya T.S.Parathasarathy's experiences with The JagadGuru
Master in our personal lives R.Subbaramaiah's incidents with The MahaSwamiji, a set of quite emotional and moving experiences.
My experience with His holiness Silpi: A tribute to The Saint
A cherished memory of Pujyasri Mahaswamy's stay Bhimarao Jahagirdar's moving memories of his experiences with The JagadGuru
My experiences with the sage of Kanchi Shri P.Balakrishnan's moving incidents with The MahaSwamiji
Paramacharya and miracles Shri S.Balakrishnan's tribute to The Great Saint, showing a few instances of His Miracles.
My experience with Paramacharya as a devotee By Shri R.Krishnan
My personal experiences with His Holiness Encounters with His Holiness by Shri T.R.Krishnamurthi Sasi & Sekar. A very interesting set of incidents
The Sage's sense of humour Shri V.J.Chandrasekharan narrates incidents portraying the The MahaSwamiji's inimitable and unique sense of humour.
Revival of vastu vignanam Shri V.Ganapati Sthapati's tribute to His Holiness and some incidents.
Paramacharyal's grace K.S. Ganapati Subramanyam's experiences with the MahaSwamiji, and His Boundless Grace
The Matchless Mahaswamigal of Kanchi Incidents narrated by Shri L.V. Ramaiah, (Former Trustee, T.T. Devesthanam)
Unique darshan of Sri Paramacharya A tribute to His Holiness by Shri. K.K. Govinda Rao
Homage to the Sage of Kanchi Some incidents narrated by K. Ganesan
God on earth Shri Y. Krishnamurthy's tribute to His Holiness and a few incidents
Boundless grace and compassion A very inspiring article by Shri. T.B. Nagarajan
Reminiscences An interesting article by Kainkaryya Siromani K. Padmanabhan
A touching incident Shri. A. Sundaram writes on an incident with His Holiness
An experience with the Paramacharya An incident narrated by R. Pattabhiraman
The Invisible saviour By Shri. V. Raghotaman
A Sage at Pandharpur A. Prasanna Kumar writes about some incidents with The MahaSwamiji. An interesting article.
Yes, I am blessed Shri. B.L. Satyanarayan Sastry writes about some moving and divine personal incidents with His Holiness
Mere Wish Becomes a reality By Shri. N. Rajagopalan
Rare moments with Mahaperiaval Interesting experiences by Shri. S. Rajagopalan
Unforgettable experience of an ardent devotee Shri Rajah Iyer Suriyanarayanan's moving experiences with His Holiness
Great compassion of the Sage of Kanchi Shri. B. Anantaswami's tribute to His Holiness
Strange are the ways of Paramacharya Shri. K.R.K. Mohan's tribute to His Holiness
Paramacharya as I knew Him Shri. K. V. Srikanthan's persnaol experiences with The MahaSwamiji
Renovation yielded redemption Capt. N. Rengaraj's experiences with His Holiness
Peace-maker of human hearts Shri. V. Subramanian's tribute to His Holiness
My experience with Paramacharya of Kanchi Shri G. Subramanya Shastri narration of some interesting incidents with The MahaSwamiji
A pleasant remembrance Mrs Seetha Chidambaram's narration of an interesting incident with His Holiness
The sour pomegranate fruit V. Swaminatha Atreya's narration of some very interesting events with His Holiness.
Acharya's Call is a well known book containing speeches of His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Mahaswamiji. Some interesting articles from this book are provided here.
Nature of True Bhakti True Bhakti or devotion is that condition of a devotees mind when it is unable to bear even a moments separation from the shelter of God, and when even if is forcibly withdrawn from that shelter, by force of circumstances, it struggles and rushes back..
The Way to Eternal Bliss It is only a person who has developed a proper mental outlook that can face adversities without being unduly perturbed. Such a person will have the equanimity of mind to...
The Doctrine of Surrender What the grace of the Divine Mother can achieve is illustrated by Sri Sankara Bhagavathpada in this verse occurring in Soundarya Lahari. Ananga, Cupid, is able to conquer this...
Value of Bhakthi Lord Narayana made up His mind to remain as a man when He incarnated as Rama, in order to teach the world the importance of reverence or Bhakti towards father, mother, teacher and God...
Meditation on God This verse occurs in Bhoja Champu and describes vividly the picture of Sriman Narayana as He appeared to the Devas. This verse forms part of the Ramayana story composed by...
Vyasa and Vedic Religion Sage Vyasa is known as Veda Vyasa, as he classified and compiled together, the vast body of Vedas or mantras then existing. He classified the Vedas in four...
Preservation of the Vedas All of us take care to keep our bodies and our clothes clean. But do we bestow any attention on our inner or mental cleanliness? Inner impurity is the result of desire, anger, and fear...
Mother Annapoorna Importance of prayers to Mother Annapoorna and significance
Divine Mother The Divine Mother as KANAKA PARAMESWARI
Need to worship the Divine Mother How devotion and worship can bring Knowledge
Devotion to Bhavani In praise of the Divine Mother, from Soundarya Lahiri
Divine Mother, Bestower of Prosperity The importance of the verse Sri Kanakadhaaraastavam
Surrender to Divine Mother The verse of Sri Adi Sankara's Kanakadhaaraastava
Uma Paramatma Swaroopa Uma, the Divine Mother, is the personification of pranava (Om).
Divine Mother's Kataksha Verse from Soundarya Lahiri
Soundarya Lahiri The importance of Soundarya Lahiri
Sarada Navarathri Conception of Parasakthi
The Way Of Knowledge The forms of God are not distinct and different. They are manifestations of the same Divinity assuming aspects for different purposes, and according to the predilections and tastes of the worshipers
Nature Of The Vedic Religion The forms of God are not distinct and different. They are manifestations of the same Divinity assuming aspects for different purposes, and according to the predilections and tastes of the worshipers
Value Of Prayer The JagadGuru explains the importance, necessity and value or prayer.
The Teaching Of Vedanta The JagadGuru explains certain aspects of Vedanta in His own unique style
Surrender To God Let us strive to pursue the path of surrender and devotion, and earn the grace of God.
One Supreme Being Some western scholars in their ignorance have dubbed Hindu religion as polytheistic
Study Of The Vedas The Vedas are the roots of our religion. All other Paraphernalia, like feast and festivals, are like the leaves and fruits of that tree, depending for their sustenance on the Vedic roots.
Study Of The Puranas If our religion survived many vicissitudes in the past, it is because of our temples and the festivals associated with them. The spiritual, moral, and ethical principles expounded by the Vedaas have survived and spread through the Puraanaas.
The Sanctity Of Sastras We have inherited a veritable treasure of knowledge in the shape of various Sastras.
Path Of Self-Control How the Self Control can lead us to lead a more better and peaceful life.
Mental Discipline In the Gita, emphasis is again and again laid on developing that mental equipoise which is not disturbed either by adversity or by prosperity. This state can be achieved only by completely surrendering ourselves to God.
Many Paths To Same Goal Different schools of philosophy have come into existence to satisfy the needs of varying human temperaments, tastes and aspirations and any path, if consistently pursued, will lead to the same goal
Guru Bhakti Devotion to ones Teacher or Guru and why is it so important.
God Is One The Acharya explains the fact that God is One, irrespective of the fact that we call Him Siva, Vishnu, etc.
Detachment How the process of being Detached can affect us for our benefit. Jan 19, 1958
Concept Of Maya The Acharya expounds the concept of Maya in His own Unique style. December 26, 1956
Chaaturmasyam Of Sanyasins The Chaaturmasyam of Sanyasins, importance, nature and explanation.
Importance Of Bhakti (Devotion) The Acharya explains, in His inimitable style, the nature and importance of true devotion. Oct 16, 1957
The Age Of Vedas The Acharya expounds some thoughts and teachings of the Vedas
Advaita Vedanta The Advaita Pinciple of Non Duality or Advaita. The Acharya explains it in very simple terms.
Adherence To The Sastras (Ancient Scriptures) How the adherence to our ancient scriptures can help us.
Acquisition Of Jnana (Knowledge) The acquision of Knowledge and our everyday lives. How it can help us overcome suffering, sadness, etc. From the teachings of The Acharya, December 7, 1957
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