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Hindu Dharma: Religion In General

The chapters that exist in "Religion In General" are listed in this page. To go to another part in "Hindu Dharma", please either go back or see the bottom of this page.

Dharma Alone Protects The Pipal and the Neem are the royal children of Mother Nature's kingdom of trees. As ...
Papa and Punya Nobody wants to be known as a sinner, but all the same we keep transgressing the bounds of morality and disobey the divine law. We wish to enjoy the fruits of virtue without being morally good and without doing anything meritorious. Arjuna says to Bhagavan Krsna: 'No man wants to commit sin. Even so, Krsna, he does evil again and again. What is it that drives him so? '. The lord ...
The Purpose of Religion Religion is the means of realizing dharma, artha, kama and moksa. These four are called purusarthas. In Tamil, dharma is called 'aram'; artha is known as 'porul'; and kama and moksa are called 'inbam, ' and vidu respectively. ...
Man and Beast Animals grow transversely. That is why they are called 'tiryak' in Sanskrit. Man who grows upright ought to have, unlike beasts, a high ideal before him. He will then obtain more happiness than all other creatures. But what do we see in reality? Man experiences greater sorrow than all other creatures. Animals do not know so much desire, so much sorrow and so much humiliation, as do humans. More important, they are innocent of ...
Devotion Common to all Faiths All religious traditions have one purpose, to elevate man by freeing him from his cares and worries. A human being has worries that are not shared by other creatures. But it must be noted that all religious systems proclaim that man can not only free himself from his cares, if he makes an effort, but that he can also attain the enlightenment that is not within the reach of other creatures. They speak in one voice that he will be rid of ...
The Unity of Religions All religions have one common ideal, worship of the Lord, and all of them proclaim that there is but one God. This one God accepts your devotion irrespective of the manner of your worship, whether it is according to this or that religion. So there is no need to abandon the religion of your birth and embrace another. The temple, the church, the mosque, the vihara may be different from one ...
Qualities of Religious Teachers Today students of philosophy and seekers all over the world accept Advaita or non-dualism as the supreme system of thought. Since you call me a teacher of Advaita you will naturally expect me to say that it is because of the excellence of this Vedantic system that it has so many followers. But, on reflection, the question arises as to whether all people do indeed subscribe to non-dualism. ...