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Hindu Dharma: From Work To Worklessness

The chapters that exist in "From Work To Worklessness" are listed in this page. To go to another part in "Hindu Dharma", please either go back or see the bottom of this page.

Outward Karma - Inward Meditation I have, in the course of my talks, dealt with a large number of religious rites. It may seem that the rituals, the puja to Paramesvara and the service done to fellow men are meant for 'others'. But in truth they are meant for ourselves. By helping others, by serving them, by worshiping the Lord, we are rewarded with a sense of fullness. Others may really benefit from our help or may not. But when we serve them we experience inward ...
How to Cultivate Character and Good Conduct How do we acquire character, how do we come to possess good qualities? By living according to the precepts of the vedas and sastras and by following the good customs practised by our own forefathers as well as by performing the rites that have been passed down to us. Good conduct springs from a good mind. So the mind must be free from evil. Everybody does not possess a good mind. Look at your child. It is ...
' Samsare Kim Saram ? ' In his Prasnottara-Ratnamalika, our Acarya asks: 'Samsare kim saram? '(What is the meaning of worldly existance? )He responds to the question himself:'You asked ther question thus. Keep asking again and again. That is the meaning of samsara. '('Bahusah abhi vicintyamanam idam ...
Inward and Outward I have stated again and again that the people must perform the rites handed down to them from forefathers, that they must adhere to the practices pertaining to the tradition to which they belong and they must wear the symbols appropriates to the same, like the holy ashes or Tiruman, the rudraksa, etc. Some people hold the view that all thath is needed is conduct and character, that conduct is a matter of the mind, that religious customs are ...
Do We Need Rituals ? Some ask me whether religious functions, puja, etc, are not 'mere' rituals. Atmic awareness is an inward experience. As for rituals they are outward actions. The question is how rituals will help in experiencing the Self. Rituals are indeed not necessary for one who has realised the Self. But we must put the question to ourselves whether we have truly realised It, whether we are mature enough for ...
Karma is the Starting Point of Yoga People usually think that yoga means no more than controlling the breath and sitting stone-like. The literal meaning of the word is 'joining', 'uniting'. All through our life's journey we have to join ourselves to various objects. But such joining is no permanent. That is why the mind remains unsteady. If we are joined to an object without the least possibility of being seperated from it, it is yoga in the true sense. The ...
Karmayoga Arjuna asks [Krsna] whether it is not a sin to wage war and slay friends and relatives in battle. It seems to us a natural and reasonable question. Sri Krsna Paramatman gives an answer in the Bhagvadgita. An action that outwardly seems to be bad and cruel need not necessarily be sinful. Acts that apparently cause pain to others may have to be committed for the good of the world and there is no sin in them. Then what action is sinful and what ...