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Ըո踈Ÿ㸙Ù šڸӨ
⸟⸸ 㟸 ޸ ⸣È
ϯ㸺㸽 㨸
ϵ㟸 㸛ڿ Ÿ 1

I remain ever bowing to that (goddess) Minki, an ocean of compassion, who is radiant like the multitudes of rising Suns, and is resplendent with the bracelet and necklace and is having reddish lips (like the bimba fruit), with shining rows of smiling teeth, and decorated with silk garments, and is having the feet worshipped by the gods Viu, Brahm and Indra and is of the form of the reality and is auspicious. (1)

ڸ㸹ţ޸ Ľưٸ
ӸŹÈŵ иٸٸ㸺
㸨ٸťϙ 㸺 㸽
ϵ㟸 㸛ڿ Ÿ 2

I remain ever bowing to that (goddess) Mnak, shining with the crown radiant with the garland of pearls, with a shining face similar to the full-moon, and wearing the tinkling anklets and gem-studded bells and is shining with the splendour of the lotus, and is the bestower on us of all the objects of our desire, and who is worshipped by the goddess of speech (Vi) and the goddess of wealth (Ram). (2)

Ը ٸ ãÈŸӨ
޸ŸÈ⸛ ٸ
ϵ㟸 㸛ڿ Ÿ 3

I remain ever bowing to that (goddess) Mnki, a manifestation of the sacred knowledge (rvidy) who always remains on the left-side of the lord iva, and is shining in the sacred syllable of Hrm, residing in the small circle in the middle of the sacred circle (ricakra), that queen gracing the court of the Lord (Sundarea) and is also the mother of the six-faced one (amukha) and the master of obstacles (Vighnarja) and also who enchants the world. (3)

㸺 ٸڣ ϙ ĥ
ٸ ş㸛޸ 㡸Ӹ
ϵ㟸 㸛ڿ Ÿ 4

I remain ever bowing to that (goddess) Mnki, the consort of lord Sundarea, who is the remover of the fears (of the devotees), the bestower of knowledge and the (person) free from impurities, having a dark-blue colour with her feet being worshipped by the god (Brahm) seated on the lotus, that sister of lord Nryaa, fond of enjoying the music from the instruments - the lute, flute and drum (mdaga), who is the mother of different aspects. (4)

㸺㸹 Ĺ֜ϙ
Ӹøϡ ޸
ϯ Ÿ
ϵ㟸 㸛ڿ Ÿ 5

I remain ever bowing that (goddess) Mnk, who is dwelling in the hearts of multitudes of ascetics (Yogins) and great sages, and bestows many desired objects, her feet shining with (the radiance of) different kinds of flowers, (herself) being worshipped by god Nryaa, (she) being the form of the sound and higher than the high and is the underlying force in all the objects. (5)


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