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ٸ Ը

vtkhila-viayeccham jtnandru
stpati-dtdym vttmajamadya
bhvayehrdyam. (1)

I now meditate of Hanumn, the son of Vyu, who is free from all desires for the enjoyment of objects, in whom the tears of joy rolled down coupled with horripilation, who is pure in heart, who is foremost among the messengers of Rma, and who is dear to the heart.


karurasapra - pritgam
samjvanamase majula-
mahimnam ajanbhgyam.(2)

I desire to see Hanumn, te fortune of Ajan, whose lotus-face is red, whose side-glances are filled with the waters of compassion, who brought back to life all those who were dead in the battle, and whose greatness in praiseworthy.

ş⸺ ⸟Өȟş⸽

bimbajvalitoham ekam evalambe.(3)

I take refuge only in Hanumn, who is the fortune of Vyu, who is above the shafts of Manmatha (the god of love), whose beautiful eyes are like the large petals of a lotus, whose neck resembles a conch and whose lips shine like the bimba fruit.

ٸ ڛ

drikta-sitarti prakkta-
drita-daamukha-kirti purato mama
bhtu hanumato mrti.(4)

May the figure of Hanumn shine before me the figure which dispelled the agonies of Sta, which manifested the might and glory of Rama, and which destroyed the fame of the ten-headed Rvana.

ţ ťşţ㸙Ù

vnara-nikardhyakam danavakula
kumudaravikara sadkam
dnajanvana-dkam pavantap

I saw Hanumn the result of the fully developed austerity of Vyu, who was the leader of the multitude of monkeys, who was to the race of the Rkasas like te rays of the sun to the waterlily, and who is dedicated to he protection of the distressed.

㸺㡸 ȹ ޸
޸ ٸ ٸ ٸٸٸ

etat-pavanasutasya stotram ya
pahati pacarathkhyam
ciramiha nikheln bhogn bhuktu
rrma bhaktibhg-bhavti.(6)

One who reads the Pacaratnastotra of Hanumn, becomes a devotee of Sri Rma, after having enjoyed all objects for a long time in this world.


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