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God Incarnate

Allur Sri Viswanatha Sivachariar

Peripatetic Deity, "Visible God of Kaliyuga", "Incarnation of God", "Embodiment of Love, Peace ad Tranquility", "Sprint of Knowledge" "Fountain head of Compassion", "Symbol of Sacrifice", Source of Inspiration", "Emancipator from all Evils", A Walking Encyclopedia", Confluence of Dharma", these are the several attributes showered on Paramacharyal, the most venerable Sage of Kanchi, His Holiness Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swamigal. A living legend, Paramacharyal occupies a most unique position amongst all the savants. He is not a person but an institution. He turns 100 on May 20, 1993. Paramacharyal's very look radiates divine light on humanity. It will burn out all the sins, cleanse the mind of all evil desires and make it pure, noble and sublime.

His teachings are simple. They could be easily followed. He says "Shed egoism, Show love to others. Serve humanity. Have compassion for the poor and the needy, Service to humanity is the greatest religion".

Paramacharyal never performed miracles to exhibit His powers. yet there are several instances of miracles, the happy fruits of which have been experienced by devotees. His aim to see a simile on the faces of the suffering multitudes.

I can quote sever instances how Paramacharyal solves sever intricate, difficult and delicate problems easily, and effortlessly. I content myself with one or two of such instances.

Once the people of a village came to Paramacharyal to receive His blessings for the renovation of a temple. Paramacharyal somehow sensed that there are two groups in the assembly. Each group thought that it was superior to the other. Paramacharyal felt that unless there was unity among them, the renovation work will not be smooth and satisfactory. He asked those assembled to go and have their meals and then come for a discussion. Meals over, the people assembled again before Paramacharyal. His Holiness then asked what items they for the meals. They said, in a chorus, "Kuzhambu and Rasam, Payasam and Curry, appalam and Chips" and so on. Then His Holiness put a question, :"What is the difference between Kuzhambu and Rasam? Kazhambu contains vegetable, Rasam has no vegetables. Vegetables are called in Tamil "Thaan" (Ego". Then His Holiness quipped, "Oh! I see". when there is no Thaan", that ("Ego") in Kuzhambu, it becomes rasamayam, full of Brahman Bliss. The death of ego is deliverance. Thus by a simple analogy, punning on the Tamil word `Than' he made the villagers shed their egoism. They realised that egoism divided them and felt that disunity is dangerous and disastrous and that it would harm the common cause. Paramacharyal felt that the people had realised their mistake. He blessed them, offered Prasadam and wished the function all success. No wonder the renovation went off very well.

My friend, one Shri Raghava Bhattar, is the staunch Vaishnavite. He is a native of Srirangam. Once I invited to attend an "Agama Sadas" at Ilayattangudi convened by the Paramacharyal. Shri Bhattar told me that Sankaracharya Swamigal was a Saiva Mathadhipathi and that a Vaishnavita has no place there. I insisted on his attending the Sadas. When Bhattar was near the Paramacharyal. His Holiness was uttering the name "Narayana, Narayana" These words simply brought about a tremendous transformation and marvelous metamorphosis in Bhattar's attitude. Paramacharyal explained at length that both Saivism and Vaishnavism lead to God to God. From that moment towards, Bhattar became a changed man. I missed the Sadas occasionally but Bhattar missed none.

A Veda Saiva Agama Patasalai was started in Allur under instructions from and with the Blessings of Paramacharyal. His Holiness wanted me to be in charge of the institution. In the past 30 years hundreds of students had come out of the Patasalai fully trained and well versed in Agama Sastram. The students of this Patasalai are serving in various temples of South India, Bombay and Delhi, Singapore, Malaysia and U.S.A. they have brought glory and grace, name and fame to the Patasalai, thanks to the personal interest of Paramacharyal. Paramacharyal is of the opinion that Archakas should have good have good and sound knowledge of Agama Saastras. With this view in mind, Allur Patasalai as started.

It is our good fortunate that we are living at a time when Paramacharyal is with us. May the Almighty shower His Blessings on His Holiness to continue to bless humanity so that peace and tranquility, hope and cheer may prevail in a world torn by strife and turmoil, disunity and discord.


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