Publication of a journal with the auspicious name of “SRI KAMAKOTI PRADEEPAM” has been the ardent desire of many religious minded people for long. To fulfill their wish this journal is published this year as a sample during the month of THAI corresponding to January.

            It is well known that out of many Peethas of Parasakthi in Bharatadesa,  the NABHI PEETHA (navel  peetham) situated at Kanchi in the name of SRI KAMAKOTI STHANAM is most famous from time immemorial. Just like KASHI, the divine kshetra Kanchi is famous in the southern part of the country since thousands of years. This fact is known historically and traditionally and accepted by one and all. Kanchi shines as the main centre for our various sects- SAIVAITES, VAISHNAVITES, JAINS AND BUDDHISTS, who utilized it for propagation of their faith.

            That Jagadguru Sri Sankara  Bhagavatpada, who established the VAIDEEKA DHARMA and propagated Hindu religion, visited all the famous kshetras in the country is a fact accepted by all. It is also acknowledged that to propagate the Vaideeka Dharma, Adi Sankaracharya went on to set up many organisations during his period in many places in the country. In the great work “PANCHA PADIKA” of Sri PADMAPADA, the disciple of Adi Sankaracharya, in his sloka praising his Guru, he expresses happiness by mentioning “PRATHYASA MUNMUKHA VINEETHA VINEYA BHRINGAH”. This makes it clear that even during the period of Sri Sankara Bhagavatpada, his disciples had spread in various places. In the midst of his travels through the length and breadth of the country, that Sri Sankara Bhagavatpada resided at Kanchi for long is easily known from many sources.

            It is not an exaggeration to say that Adi Sankaracharya, who gave the world works of praise of Devi in Sanskrit like  SOUNDRYA LAHARI, DEVI BHUJANGAM etc., loved to reside at the important centre of Parasakthi,  Kanchi. Astikas are happily aware that Sri Sankara established the KAMAKOTI temple there and that the idol of Sri Sankara is to be found therein. It is to be noted that in many other places also in the Kanchi area, idols of Sri Sankara are available for darshan.

             As a result of the merit acquired by many devotees in the country, a PEETHAM by the name of SRI KAMAKOTI PEETHAM was established by SRI SANKARA BAGHAVATPADA at Kanchi, which continues to shine to this day, decorated by Peethadhipathis in the Guru-sishya tradition started by of SRI SANKARACHARYA himself. Sri Sankaracharya appeared as an avatara of Sri Dakshinamurthi at a time when various religions spread among large groups and people were confused as to which path is to be adopted for deliverance. It was Sri Sankaracharya who reestablished Sanatana Dharma on a firm footing. None of our countrymen can refute the fact that Sanatana Dharma remains intact in our midst to this day only due to the great Acharya.

During the recent times also, when threat to Sanatana Dharma was feared by Astikas due to many differences, agitations and the rise of atheism, there appeared in 1907 an AVATARA PURUSHA considered to be the reincarnation of ADI SANKARA himself, endowed with the characteristics of STHITA PRAGNA as described in BHAGAVAD GITA, by name SRI CHANDRASEKHARENDRA SARASWATHI POOJYA PADA as the Mathadhipathi of SRI KAMAKOTI PEETHAM. There is none in our country who does not rejoice at this. At a time when Astikas were agonised at the influence of western culture and English education, Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi spread Sanatana Dharma again all over the country through his power of austerity, preachings, loving words, able encouragement and management, and ability and balanced view to perceive the deep significance of the problems besetting us and put out the remedies for them. There is no doubt that this contribution of his is equal to that of Sri Bhagavatpada himself. All Astikas, who were keen to show their gratitude in some form to this Acharya, came in large numbers to participate in his Shashtiabdapoorthi, Svarnotsavam (Golden jubilee of ascension to Peetham), Hemabhishekam etc. All classes of people joined in these celebrations.

There is no doubt that publication of a suitable journal in this context would be a great service to Sanatana Dharma. The aims of the journal named Sri KAMAKOTI PRADEEPAM can be set out as under:

1. To publish the lectures of His Holiness.

2. To explain the purpose of activities in which His Holiness was involved.

3. To make people understand the greatness of the Peetham.

4. To propagate the history of the Acharyas who have decorated the Peetham.

5. To explain the principles and purpose of SANATANA DHARMA to the general public and publish rare books in this regard.

We are happy to express our hope that this journal will also serve as an instrument to spread the worship of Sri Kamakshi in the country. We sincerely believe that the nation will prosper with the grace of Ambika, who had showered gold in the entire Tondaimandalam in olden times.        

            All are requested to encourage this effort by reading and helping in publication of this journal.

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