Sri Chandramoulisvaraya Namah:
Publication No. 14
Friday, Sarvajit year, 22nd Aippasi (07.11.1947)

Who are you?
I am a doctor.
Then you can help others easily!
Even if I take fees, whatever I do is all helping others only!
That you are helping others is true. Even then if you keep taking fees always, your Atma will not get purified. You will not be driven by high aims. When you sometimes collect fees for issuing a certificate, dirt spreads on your Atma and stops you from climbing up and pushes you down to nether worlds forcefully.

But then what should I do? Tell me in simple terms.

Do free medical service at least to one person in a month. In your life teach household medical practice to at least one person. Let him survive with that knowledge as far as possible.

What should I do?
Who are you, my dear?
I am a lawyer.

Conduct a case free of cost once in a month for a suitable person. Arrange for conciliation outside the court in one case in a month. If you continue to do this without fail for a few years, you will earn a good name. It is no use just earning a good name. With that name many good things can be got done for the public through you.

What should I do?
Who are you?
I am a typist.

You can uplift many people, many more than others! Train at least one poor unskilled person in typewriting free of cost in six months. Those who are trained that way will keep wishing you well. Their good wishes will protect you not only in this world, but in any world.

What should we do?
Who are you all?
We are pensioners.
I was waiting for you only all this time. You alone are the Kalpaka (wish-yielding) trees for our nation. If you will, our country will turn into gold. If you keep weeping with family worries and anxiety, all can only weep. You become ripe Kalpaka trees and provide shade and sweet food to the flying birds, the crawling worms and all the animals in the intermediate region. Make them grow happily. If you are a retired engineer, provide food for at least two boys and train them to become equivalent of Overseer. Even if they do not get a degree, let them earn their living by working in private or with contractors or companies.


We have consumed many items from this world. We have enjoyed many items. What have we done for the world in return? If we die without doing anything in return, we will be big robbers. Our life will go waste. To join and study in colleges and schools has now become impossible (like getting honey from beehive for a lame man). What will poor people do? Doing job is itself a lowly profession, devoid of freedom and self-respect. The way colleges and job procedures exist now; getting job is just a dream. Sometimes we day-dream that in case job is not available, everything will return to the earlier way of life of Aachara (conduct). That remains a day-dream only so far. When job is not available, our boys fall for still more deplorable (avenues of) hotels, military, cinema etc. Once they go there, the purity of Aachara and food and lofty ideals, which our elders have protected for thousands of years, will all be as good as lost. Will our government protect us from such a danger? This is a matter which everyone should ponder over and come to a conclusion. There is no need to write much on this. We praise sky-high in every newspaper article and discourse about our arts, our culture, our philosophy etc. The first act of those of us who have ‘advanced’ is to destroy them. Though some of us abstain from destroying them directly, we watch the fun when they are being washed away in the river. When government is in the hands of such people, in order that our next generation does not degenerate further, those who have studied our culture and retired from service in various departments should help a little. This is nothing big for you. If four-five such pensioners get together, they can start a private tutorial college and an adjoining hostel. To those boys, who are interested in performing rituals as per their family traditions, a little of religious education and training in performance of rituals can also be given. Anybody who goes for studies as per family traditions is unable nowadays to have modern education. The good fortune to remove this deficiency is that of educated and retired pensioners. Such elders should undertake to render this service either alone or in groups. Let us not worry about degrees and diploma certificates; each of us can, as far as possible, help in poor boys getting knowledge of modern subjects without spoiling their Aachara and performance of rituals and in fact, growing them. Whether it be chemistry, physics, mathematics, literature, accounts, engineering, electrical engineering, physical education, weaving, machines etc., handicrafts, instrumental education in harmonium etc., there are experts who have retired from service and are available. Only if they spend at least a small part of their life for children of future generations, our children will escape from hotels and cinema. At least a little of self-respect and purity of food will remain. Even if some remaining elders offer to teach foundations of our culture, viz. Vedas, Sastras, old works like Kural, Sastra of Siddhas etc., nobody wishes to learn. On the other hand if there is offer to prepare children free of cost for examinations like London Matric, Cambridge Senior etc. or to teach for four years and arrange for direct admission in Form IV, a lot of children will come forward to utilise the offer. We can help such children by providing support for later life and at the same time by seeing that they do not swerve much from our true ancient culture. If there are occasional persons who study basic texts like Veda, those who are economically strong should help those who teach and those who learn these texts to live a life without difficulty. This alone is watering the plant at the root. 

Note: As per texts of Dharma, anybody can do this danam of Vidya. Those who are born a vipro should certainly do at least a little of this. All can do the dharma of protecting cows. But as per Gita, vaisyas should definitely do this. (‘Krishi Gourakshya vanijyam vaisya- karma svabhavajam’- Gita 18:44). A superior brahmana is one who learns all arts and, without using them for his own living, considers it his duty and purpose of life to teach them to those of the respective castes. Everyone should thus learn at least one art and teach it definitely to others. By everyone practising this method, it is possible to make the public comprehensive in knowledge and power, many times more than what a king could achieve.



Translated by: P R Kannan, Navi Mumbai


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