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Deivattin Kural Audios
Kanchi MahaPeriyava

With the blessings of HH Pujya Shri Jayendra Saraswathi Shankaracharya Swamigal &HH Pujya Shri Shankara Vijayendra Saraswathi Shankaracharya Swamigal, Deivattin Kural chapters are being brought out as audios in English & Tamil by devotees. The same is available here.

Section 1-Advaitam

01. Acharya's Commandment
02. Vinayaka
03. Vinayaka
04. Advaita _ Atomic Science
05. Advaitam
06. The Lord will step forward
07. Maya
08. This is That
09. Yogi
10. Advaita-Antidote to Sorow
11. The little part and the Transcendental
12. The Internal and the External
13. What Lord Krishna says Kamban Echoes
14. Why worship god_Advaitham
15. Where is Bliss
16. Dvaitham divided by buddism = Advaitham
17. The way to ease the burden of sorrow
18. How to clear the impurity

Section 2- Culture

01. Gandarva Veda
02. Glory of culture of Tamil Nadu
03. The duty of writers
04. The Lord is the basis of speech and substance
05. Can we commit fraud on future generations
06. Being engaged in external action with dhyana inside
07. Goal of music is peace
08. The heart of culture
09. Experiencing the lord through music
10. The value of speech

Section 3. Karma Yogam

01. Karma Yogam
02. Rituals
03. Samsare Kim Saram
04. The internal and external
05. The way to develop good character
06. Yoga begins with Karma
07. Mahabaratham
08. Science and spiritual fulfillment

Section 4-Society

01. Swarajya_Self rule
02. Dharma, Love _ Government
03. The way to reduce crime
04. True Education
05. Defects of education system
06. The quality of life
07. We should be calculative
08. Duty of the youth
09. The way to reduce misery of the world
10. Wanted-Ahmisa soldiers
11. The problem of dowry
12.Shun money and imbibe good qualities

Secition 5-Common Dharmas

01. Love
02. Ahimsa
03. Anger
04. Are we qualified to get angry_
05. Love and sorrow
06. Samanya dharmam
07. Where have the thil seeds and water gone_
08. Few small tips for purifying the mind
09. For the satisfaction of all beings
10. Puja
11. Service is the greatest fortune
12. Service to others
13. Truth
14. Faults _ Virtues

Section 6-Religion

01. Bhakti is common to all religions
02. Sins and Punya
03. Man and the animal
04. The qualifications of a religious preacher
05.1. The Great Protector
05.2. The Great Protector
06. The unity of religions
07. The use of religion The Goal of religion

Section 7-Bhakti

1. Amma-Mother
2. Annapoorni
3. Bhakti is the greatest Lakshmi
4. Grace that flashes like lightning
5. Mother who is God
6.The characteristics of Bakthi
7.What for bakthi_
8.The glory of Lords name

Section 8. Devata Moorthis

01. Namaskaram
02. Sri Rama Navami
03. Thirumal in the morning
04. Ummachi
05. Eminent places that remind us of Unity
06. Kamakshi's red color
07. Meditating on the holy feet of Devi
08. Navarathri Nayakis
09. Kumaaran
10. Nature deceives Ambal deceives
11. Never forget Hara serve Thirumal with devotion
12. Sri Rama
13. The Two Rajaas
14. The Abode of Ambal
15. The Godhead principle
16. The Lord
17. Kamakshi Who is Red and Black
18. The Form _ the Formless
19. The Lord Ishwara
20. Ayyappan
21. The day Krishna was born
22.1.The son who exelled the father. Part 1
22.2. he son who exelled the father. Part 2
23.1.Swami means kumaraswamy part 1
23.2Swami means kumaraswamy part 2
24.Where the Siva sakthi united
25.Divine persons who disappeared in fire