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Download Fonts

We have used fonts for content in Hindi as well as in Tamil on our site. We plan to include contents in other languages as well. We have also used dynamic fonts, fonts that automatically download and install. This is supported only in Netscape 4 and above (but not Netscape 6.x) and on Internet Explorer 4 and above.

Currently, you may download these fonts in the TrueType format, which is normally used on Windows operating systems. You may choose to download the fonts below. If you would like to know how to install them, you may refer to the help pages at Microsoft. (the link at Microsoft is for Windows 95 but the procedure is more or less the same on other Windows versions as well)

TLWHM0NT.TTF: TLW-TTHemalatha font for Telugu
SHREE906.TTF: Shree Tel. font for Telugu,
tmvl0ntt.ttf: TM Valluvar font for Tamil, and
susha.ttf: Shusha font for Hindi

Many users who are not very familiar with installing fonts have been writing to us. Hence, we are providing the detailed instructions for below:

  1. The above fonts will only work on Windows systems. It is recommended to use WindowsNT and later.These fonts may or may not work on old versions of Windows such as Windows 98.
  2. Download the fonts you require. Make a note of which folder/directory on your PC are you downloading the fonts to, example: C:\temp
  3. Go to start->settings->control panel
  4. Double click on "fonts". On the window that opens up, click on the "File" menu and click on "Install New Fonts"
  5. On the next screen, go to the folder that you downloaded the fonts to. For example, if you had downloaded the fonts to "C:\temp", then on this screen, select the C drive, and go to the temp folder.
  6. The font(s) that you had downloaded will be listed here. Select the font(s) that you need and click on "OK".
That's it. The fonts will now be installed on your local PC. If, after installing the fonts, you still do not see the characters in the appropriate language, please check the following:
  1. On your browser, ensure that you are viewing the page with the right "character set/ encoding".
  2. Try changing the encoding type. Click on the view menu, select encoding or character encoding, and choose "user defined" or "custom" or something similar.
  3. On some browsers, you might need to see the complete list of available encoding types by clicking on "more" or something similar.

If all else fails, please fill out our feedback form and let us know. Please note that if the above did not work for you, then the probability that our webmaster(s) would be able to help is quite low. They will try their best.