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TOAKAKAM (A Hymn of Eight Stanzas)

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One of the chief disciples of Sankara composed an octad of verses in praise of the Master. The metre he has used in this composition is the difficult but beautiful totaka. Hence he was himself given the name Toakcrya. Every word of this exquisite hymn bespeaks the utter devotion of its author to Sakara. Sakara, the Guru, is all to him. There is nothing equal to the Guru; nothing superior to him. The Guru is the dispeller of the darkness of ignorance. There can be no greater good than the removal of ignorance. The spirit of devotion of the disciple is best expressed in the soul-moving burden of this song : Be Thou my refuge, O Master, akara (bhava Sakara deika me araam)!

ᙡ ť ޸
ٸ ţ

hdaye kalaye vimalam caraam
bhava akara deika me aranam.(1)

O Thou, the knower of all the milk-Ocean of Scriptures! The expounder of the topics of the great Upanisadic treasure-trove! On Thy faultless feet I meditate in my heart, Be Thou my refuge O Master, Sankara!

ٸ ţ

karuvarunalaya playa mm
bhava akara deika me araam.(2)

O the Ocean of compassion! Save me whose heart is tormented by the misery of the sea of birth! Make me understand the truths of all the schools of philosophy! Be Thou my refuge, O Master, Sakara.

ٸ Ӹ 㸺 ٸ
Ӹ⸸޸ ޸
ٸ ţ

bhavat janat suhit bhavit
nijabodhavicrana crumate
bhava akara deika me aranam.(3)

By thee the masses have been made happy, O Thou who hast a noble intellect, skilled in the inquiry into self-knowledge! Enable me to understand the wisdom relating to God and the soul. Be Thou my refuge, O master, Sakara.

ٸ ٸ
㸟Ӹ ޸ Ÿ
ٸ ţ

bhava eva bhavniti me nitarm
samajyata cetasi kautukit
mama vraya mohamahjaladhim
bhava akara desika me araam.(4)

Knowing that Thou art verily the Supreme Lord, there arises overwhelming bliss in my heart. Protect me from the vast ocean of delusion. Be Thou my refuge, O Master, Sankara.

㸺 ں ٸ
ٸ 㸟ě

ٸ ţ

sukte' dhikte bahudh bhavato
bhavit samadarsanalalasata
atidinamimam pariplaya mm
bhava akara deika me araam.(5)

Desire for the insight into unity through Thee will spring only when virtuous deeds are performed in abundance and in various directions. Protect this extremely helpless person. Be Thou my refuge, O Master, Sakara.

޸ ڸ㸩إ
ڟ ٸ
ٸ ţ

jagatimavitum kalitktayo
vicaranti mahamahasachalatah

abhimmsurivatra vibhsi guro
bhava akara deika me araam.(6)

O Teacher! For saving the world the great assume various forms and wander in disguise. Of them, Thou shinest like the Sun. Be Thou my refuge, O Master, Sakara.

㸟 Ÿ 㸺
㸥 
ٸ ţ

gurupugava pugava ketana te
samatmayatm nahi ko pi sudhi
aragatavatsala tattvanidhe
bhava akara deika me araam.(7)

O the best of Teachers! The Supreme Lord having the built as banner! None of the wise is equal to Thee! Thou who art compassionate to those who have taken refuge! The Treasure-trove of truth! Be Thou my refuge, O Master Sankara.

޸ ޸ Ÿ޸
ͺ Ŝ Ӹ
ٸ ţ

vidit na may viadaikakal
na ca kimcana kcanamasti guro
drutameva vidhehi kpm sahajm
bhava akara deika me araam.(8)

Not even a single branch of knowledge has been understood by me correctly. Not even the least wealth do I possess, O Teacher. Bestow on me quickly Thy natural grace. Be thou my refuge, O Master Sakara.




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