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ơ 㸙
ٸ ޸
ş ţ޸ (Ũ (Ũ) ŲŨ)
Ÿ ٸ

Vedntavakyeu sad ramato
bhiknnamtrea ca tuimata
viokamatah-karae ca tuimata
viokamatah-karae carata
(viokavata (aokavata) karuaikavata)
kaupnavatah khalu bhgyavata (1)

Ever revelling in the (actual experience of the import of) Vednta-vkyas, fully satisfied with mere bhikna (food got by alms), moving about, free from grief at heart (free from grief and full of kindness for all), blessed, indeed, are those (yatis=ascetics) clad in the loin-cloth.

ס ٸ
ś 㸡
Ÿ ٸ

mlam taro kevalam-rayata
pidvayam bhoktumamatrayata
kathmiva rmapi kutsyata
kaupinvata khalu bhagyavata (2)

Resorting (for rest) only to the foot of the tree, turning the palms into a bowl for taking (eating) food, looking down upon even wealth like an old patched cloth, Blessed indeed are those clad in the loin-cloth.

ڸٸ (ڸٸ Ӹġ)
⸹ 㟸 (ڹĪϯ )
Ÿ ٸ

dehbhimnam parihtya drt
(dehtmabhvam parimriayata)
ntar na madhyam na bahi-smarata
(aharniam brahmai ye ramsta)
kaupnavata khalu bhgyavata(3)

Keeping away the sense of possession over (attachment to) the body, (never mistaking the body for the soul), steeped in the direct experience of the Supreme Soul within oneself, not remembering (forgetting) all else inside, in the middle, or outside, (revelling ever and anon in the Soul Supreme), Blessed indeed are those clad in the loin-cloth.

㸿 (㸺) 㸨͡ (Ù)
ڹĪ ϯ ( ⸹ 㟸)
Ÿ ٸ

svnadabhve parituimata
samta (suta) sarvedriyavtti (di) mata
aharniam brahmai ye ramata
(ntar na madhyam na bahi-smarata)
kaupnavata khalu bhgayavata(4)

Joyously absorbed in the blessed state of the Self, with all the operations (cognitions and experience) of the senses stilled, revelling in Brahman day and night (forgetting all within, in between and without), Blessed, indeed, are those clad in the lion-cloth

޸ (ϯ) ޸
ṙ ٸ
ٸ (ٸ) ϟ
Ÿ ٸ

packara (brahmkaram) pvana-muccarata
patim panm hdi bhvayata
bhikn (bhikino) diku paribhramata
kaupnavata khalu bhgyavata(5)

Muttering the sacred Packara, five-syllabled mantra (the syllable OM representing Brahman), meditating at heart, on the Lord of all Beings, subsisting on alms and moving about in all directions at will, Blessed, indeed are those clad in the lion-cloth.