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㸙 ⸸ ڛ
ڸư ޸㡸
͸ ٸ
 Ÿ ť 1

May Gaea who, though always a child, can destroy the mountain of obstacles, who though having the face of an elephant is worshipped by lions (or by iva with five faces), who is sought after by Braham, Indra, and others, who is auspicious, and whose greatness is immeasurable, bless me with prosperity. (1)

Ӹ ♿ Ӹ ޸
޸Ÿ 㡸 ṙ Ը
㸣 丸 ޸ 2

Neither word nor its meaning do I know. Neither poetry nor prose do I know. A light with six faces shines in my mind; consequently words marvellous come out from my mouth. (2)

ܿ ڸơܿ
ڸڿ ڹ޸ڟ
ڸ⸸ ٸӸ Ŝ 3

I worship the son of Mahdeva, who is mounted on the peacock, who is the implied sense of the major texts of the Upanisads, who has a body captivating the minds, who dwells in the minds of the wise, who is worshipped by the Brhmanas, who is the purport of the great Vedas, and who is the protector of the world. (3)

Ӹ 㸛

I adore the son of Parakti, who is pure and who has taken his abode on the shore of the ocean as if to suggest, ``The devotees will cross the ocean of bondage as soon as they reach my place''. (4)

⚸Ê Ê
㸹 㸽
Čĵ ġ
㸙 ٸ 㸣Ӹ ڿ 5

In my lotus-heart, I always meditate on Guha, who seems to call attention to the rows of waves as if to say, ``Just as the high waves of the ocean disappear (when they reach the shore), even so the afflictions of those who worship me will disappear in my presence.'' (5)

㸽 ܸ
㸙 6

May the Lord with six faces, who has his abode on the hill called Gandhaaila as if suggesting that ``Those who climb up this hill which is y abode attain the fruit of ascending Kailsa, then itself,'' bless me with happiness. (6)

ڸٸ ڸ޸
͸ť 㸺
ڸ 㸛 㨸ٸ㸸 㸛
Ӹ ڣ ڿ 7

I take refuge in Guha who shines by His own light, who removes the afflictions of the people, and who dwells in the cave of the hill, Gandhaaila, which is one the shore of the sacred ocean, which destroys the worst sins, and which is congenial to the great sages. (7)

㨸Ċڽ Ÿڽ
㸺㸿؛ ơ޸
㸙 ٸ ŸĈš 㸺 8

I meditate always on Krtikeya, the Lord of the Devas, who is luminous like a thousand rising suns, resting on a bed decked with gems and covered on all sides by a large collection of fragrant flowers, in the luminous sanctum of gold, which fulfils all desires of men. (8)

㸈 Ӹ
Ü ٸƥ
㸙 ś и 9

O Skanda, may the bee of my mind, afflicted by the sufferings of worldly existence, always enjoy bliss at the beautiful lotus of your feet, which is surrounded by the humming swans (viz. ascetics), which is deep red, and which is filled with the nectar of beauty captivating the minds. (9)

ֽÒ Ը
Ź ٸ ś 10

O Skanda, I meditate on your luminous waist, covered by the shining garment of golden colour, radiant with the girdle containing sounding bells, and lustrous with the shining upper garment. (10)

㡸ڿ Ÿ
㨸ٸ 㸨ę 㸸 11

O the foe of Traka, I worship your chest which has become red due to embracing the hard and big breasts of the daughter of the hunter-chief and also due to the desire always to protect the devotees. (11)

ƥ 㨸
ٸ ׫Ÿ
͸ Ӹ
㸙 ޸ ⸸ں 12

O amukha, always I take refuge in your staff-like arms which punished Brahm, which support the entire universe as a sport, which controlled the elephant afflicted with mada, which punished Yama who is the enemy of all creatures, which destroyed all the enemies of Indra, which are skilful in protecting the world, and which cause terror to the enemies. (12)

㸙 ÈŸ 㡸
㸟Ը 㘸丽 㸟
㸙 Ĺ⸟⸸ ťÈ
Ϻ ś 㸸 13

O Skanda, if there be six autumnal full moons with spots shining always on all sides, then can I compare them with your faces (with tilaka in fore-head). In the same way, if there be full moons always free from spots, then I can compare them with your faces (free from tilaka) (13)

ţڸ㸾 ڿ㸸 ޸޸-
š ٸڸ 14

O son of vara, I see the six lotuses of your face beaming with smiles of swans, shining with rows of moving bees of side-glances, and with lips over-flowing with nectar. (14)

㡸 ׸㨸
Œ 㸈丽
ٸ Ÿ ڸ 15

O merciful Lord, what will you lose if a little glance of your broad, long twelve eyes extending upto ears and full of mercy is cast on me even once? (15)

㸺Êը Ӹ Ú
Ӹոٸբ Ӹ ١
ţӨ١ ١ 16

O Lord of the world, I offer salutations to the six heads which shine with crowns, which look after the welfare of the world, and which were smelt six times with joy by vara, uttering the mantra ``Dear child, your are born of me. May you live long!'' (16)

Œ 㸸 ţ ޸
Ӹ 17

May the son of Paramevara, who wears lustrous bracelet and garland of gems, who has bright cheeks shining with dangling ear-rings, who wears yellow garment around the waist, and who holds the beautiful weapon called akti in his hand, appear before me. (17)

ڸ 㸽 㸸-
ᡸؿţ ÈŸ
㸟 ş
ڣ ٸӸ ğ 18

I adore the young Kumra who when called by akara, ``Dear child, come here,'' affectionately with arms extended, rose hurriedly from his mother's lap and rushed into his father's arms, and who was embraced by iva. (18)

ş㸻 ś 㸽-

ӸŸ ٸڸ
ٸ Ÿ 㸙 19

O Kumra, O son of vara, O Guha, O Skanda, O Commander of the army of the Devas, O the valiant one armed with akti, O Lord mounted on the peacock, O Lord who pleases Vall belonging to the tribe called Pulinda, O remover of the afflictions of the devotees, O Lord, O the enemy of Traka, always protect me. (19)

ϩ͡ 㸿 ޸
Ÿư ٸŹ
ͺ ٸϽ 20

O Guha, when my senses become inactive, when my memory is lost, when my limbs become motionless, when phlegm comes out of the mouth, when my body trembles with fear, when I am set on my journey to the next life, and when I am without protection, O merciful Lord, hasten to appear before me. (20)

㡸 ޸ Ÿ
ع ٸ Ӹġ㸺
㸟 ٸ
ğ ϟ 21

O Lord, hasten to my presence, riding on the peacock and armed with akti, giving the assurance ``Don't be afraid'', when the cruel messengers of Yama come to torture me shouting angrily, ``Burn him, kill him, cut him.'' (21)

㸸Ը ٸ ϸġŨ
ڿ Ŝ⚸
ŸĈŸ 22

O Lord, prostrating before your feet and offering obeisance to them quite often, and pleasing you several times, I pray to you : ``O store-house of grace, during the last moments of my life, I will not be able to speak; and you should not be indifferent to me at all then.'' (22)

Ĺ㘸 ƥ
ڿ ٸ ţ 23

You killed the asura called ura, who ruled the world by dividing it into a thousand parts. Also, you destroyed asuras such as Traka and simhavaktra. But, O Lord, you have not killed the one suffering of my mind. What am I to do? Where am I to go? (23)

ڿ 㸨ę ٸ㸛
ٸ ⸛ ޸
ٸ 㸙 ƥ⸸
ͺ 㸺 24

I am always oppressed by the weight of sorrow. You are the friend of the helpless. I will not seek the help of anyone other than you. O son of Um, quickly destroy my mental agony which always pains me and hinders my bhakti towards you. (24)

Ө ڸ
޸ 㸨 ٸٸ
ơ Ÿ ͨ 25

O the enemy of Traka, severe diseases such as epilepsy, leprosy, consumption, lung infection urinary troubles, fever, mental derangement, disorders of the spleen, etc., and also all kinds of evil spirits disappear at the very sight of your vibhti (sacred ash) kept on the (holy Panneer) leaf. (25)

Ù ś ś-
ĺ 㸙 ޸
ţ 㡸 㡸ٸ
ڽ 㸛 ٸ 26

Let there be the figure of Skanda in my vision. Let the fame of Skanda be ringing in my ears. Let the sacred story of Skanda always engage my mouth. Let my hands serve His feet. Let my body be His servant. Let all my limbs and thoughts be absorbed in Guha. (26)

ڸ ٸٸӸ-
ٸϙ 㸹 㸨İ
Ӹ 㨸ę
ڸÙ Ӹ Ӹ 27

To fulfil the desires of the sages or of the devotees who are in the path of bhakti, there are many gods in the world. But I do not know of any god other than Guha who fulfils the desires of even persons belonging to the low caste. I am certain about this. (27)

ť 㸺 ⸛
Ӹ ٸ
㟸 㸛 㸨 ş 28

My wife and children in my home, relatives and my cattle, or any man or woman, or all those connected with me - let all of them O Kumra, remain worshipping you, offering obeisance to you, and also praising and remembering you. (28)

Ÿ ޸ -
⸸Ÿ Ê
ٸϹٸ 㸺
޸Ÿ޸ 29

O the destroyer of the Krauncaaila, let all those animals, birds, and mosquitoes as well as deep-rooted diseases which trouble my body, be cut asunder by the sharp point of your weapon, aktim be taken far away, and destroyed. (29)

Ӹ ޸ 㨸
ڽ 㸽
ڿ ޸⸸ ٸ
㨸 㸟 ڽ 30

O commander of the army of the Devas, does not the mother, as well as the father, bear with the faults of their children? I am very young; but you are the father of the universe. O, the supreme Lord, forgive all my faults. (30)

Źś ޸ ١
ظ ١ ƈŒ
㸛 㸛 ١
ś 31

My salutations to you, the peacock. Also, my salutations to you, akti. My salutations to you, the goat. My salutations to you, the cock. My salutations to you, the ocean. My salutations to you, the sacred shrine on the shore. Once again, my salutations to you, O Skanda. I bow to you again and again. (31)

Ӹٸ Ӹ
Ӹ㸛 Ӹ⸛
Ӹ 㸙 㸻 32

O Subrahmanya of infinite bliss, may you be victorious. O Subrahmanya of immeasurable light, may you be victorious. O Subrahmanya of unlimited glory, may you be victorious. O Subramanya of blissful form, may you be victorious. O Subrahmanya who is an ocean of happiness, may you be victorious. O Subramanya who is the relative of all creatures, may you be victorious. O son of vara, O the giver of mukti, may you be victorious always. (32)

ٸӸÊ ƥ
Ƚ ڿ 㸿ϵ
ť ğ
ٸ ś㸸ӡ 33

A devotee who, after offering obeisance to Guha, recites with devotion this stotra composed in the bhujanga metre, will be blessed with wife and children, wealth sand longevity; and he will attain at the end union with Skanda (i.e. mukti). (33)