Sampatkaraani sakalendriya-nandanaani Saamraajya-daana-vibhavaani saroruhaakshi Tvad-vandanaani duritoddharano-dyataani Maameva maatah anisam kalayantu maanye

O! Mother, who has eyes as beautiful as lotus flowers and who Is worthy of worship, let the obeisance offered to you, obeisance Capable of bestowing property, bring blissful joy to the Idriyas, Having the power to gift an empire, and remove sins and purify, Always remain with me.

This sloka is from Sri Sankara Bhagvatoadas Kanakadhaaraastava. As a Brahmachari Sri Sankara recited this and caused a shower of gold for the benefit of a poor housewife who had nothing to offer as bhiksha to him except a solitary aamalaka fruit (Nellikkani). The significant portion of the verse is where Sri Adi Sankara prays to the Divine Mother that Vandana (obeisance) offered to Her with the purpose of rooting out durita (sin) duritoddharana - should not leave him, but remain with him alone always (maameva anisam kalayantu). This Vandanam is alone is my property the Mother is also the giver of wealth and should remain with me, he says. The import of this sentiment is that the Mother (maatah hence Taayaar for Ambika in Tamil) in her mercy should help him to hold fast to the Vandanam to Her. The only way to get oneself cleansed of ones sins is to penitently prostrate at the feet of the Divine Mother. Let us, therefore, surrender ourselves at the feet of the Mother and find peace and happiness.