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We present you with a few selected articles from "Acharya's Call". "Acharya's Call" is a book published in two volumes, which contains English translations of some invaluable speeches given by His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Mahaswamiji.

Acharya's Call: Contents

Shankara Stotra Makaranda- Teaching of Shankaracharya Stotras
True Bhakti or devotion is that condition of a devotee’s mind when it is unable to bear even a moment’s separation from the shelter of God, and when even if is forcibly withdrawn from that shelter, by force of circumstances, it struggles and rushes back..
Kanu Pongal Vizha at Kizhambi village
It is only a person who has developed a proper mental outlook that can face adversities without being unduly perturbed. Such a person will have the equanimity of mind to...
Aradhana Mahotsavam of Jagadguru Mahaswamigal - 8 to 10 Jan. 2021
What the grace of the Divine Mother can achieve is illustrated by Sri Sankara Bhagavathpada in this verse occurring in Soundarya Lahari. Ananga, Cupid, is able to conquer this...
Aradhanaa Mahotsavam of HH Pujyasri Mahaswamigal performed 8-10 Jan21
Lord Narayana made up His mind to remain as a man when He incarnated as Rama, in order to teach the world the importance of reverence or Bhakti towards father, mother, teacher and God...
Aradhanaa Mahotsavam commences with Veda Parayanam
This verse occurs in Bhoja Champu and describes vividly the picture of Sriman Narayana as He appeared to the Devas. This verse forms part of the Ramayana story composed by...
Nature of True Bhakti
Sage Vyasa is known as Veda Vyasa, as he classified and compiled together, the vast body of Vedas or mantras then existing. He classified the Vedas in four...
The Way to Eternal Bliss
All of us take care to keep our bodies and our clothes clean. But do we bestow any attention on our inner or mental cleanliness? Inner impurity is the result of desire, anger, and fear...
The Doctrine of Surrender
Importance of prayers to Mother Annapoorna and significance
Value of Bhakthi
Meditation on God
How devotion and worship can bring Knowledge
Vyasa and Vedic Religion
In praise of the Divine Mother, from Soundarya Lahiri
Preservation of the Vedas
The importance of the verse Sri Kanakadhaaraastavam
Mother Annapoorna
The verse of Sri Adi Sankara's Kanakadhaaraastava
Divine Mother
Uma, the Divine Mother, is the personification of pranava (Om).
Need to worship the Divine Mother
Verse from Soundarya Lahiri
Devotion to Bhavani
The importance of Soundarya Lahiri
Divine Mother, Bestower of Prosperity
Conception of Parasakthi
Surrender to Divine Mother
The forms of God are not distinct and different. They are manifestations of the same Divinity assuming aspects for different purposes, and according to the predilections and tastes of the worshipers
Uma Paramatma Swaroopa
The forms of God are not distinct and different. They are manifestations of the same Divinity assuming aspects for different purposes, and according to the predilections and tastes of the worshipers
Divine Mother's Kataksha
The JagadGuru explains the importance, necessity and value or prayer.
Soundarya Lahiri
The JagadGuru explains certain aspects of Vedanta in His own unique style
Sarada Navarathri
Let us strive to pursue the path of surrender and devotion, and earn the grace of God.
The Way Of Knowledge
Some western scholars in their ignorance have dubbed Hindu religion as polytheistic
Nature Of The Vedic Religion
The Vedas are the roots of our religion. All other Paraphernalia, like feast and festivals, are like the leaves and fruits of that tree, depending for their sustenance on the Vedic roots.
Value Of Prayer
If our religion survived many vicissitudes in the past, it is because of our temples and the festivals associated with them. The spiritual, moral, and ethical principles expounded by the Vedaas have survived and spread through the Puraanaas.
The Teaching Of Vedanta
We have inherited a veritable treasure of knowledge in the shape of various Sastras.
Surrender To God
How the Self Control can lead us to lead a more better and peaceful life.
One Supreme Being
In the Gita, emphasis is again and again laid on developing that mental equipoise which is not disturbed either by adversity or by prosperity. This state can be achieved only by completely surrendering ourselves to God.
Study Of The Vedas
Different schools of philosophy have come into existence to satisfy the needs of varying human temperaments, tastes and aspirations and any path, if consistently pursued, will lead to the same goal
Study Of The Puranas
Devotion to ones Teacher or Guru and why is it so important.
The Sanctity Of Sastras
The Acharya explains the fact that God is One, irrespective of the fact that we call Him Siva, Vishnu, etc.
Path Of Self-Control
How the process of being Detached can affect us for our benefit. Jan 19, 1958
Mental Discipline
The Acharya expounds the concept of Maya in His own Unique style. December 26, 1956
Many Paths To Same Goal
The Chaaturmasyam of Sanyasins, importance, nature and explanation.
Guru Bhakti
The Acharya explains, in His inimitable style, the nature and importance of true devotion. Oct 16, 1957
God Is One
The Acharya expounds some thoughts and teachings of the Vedas
The Advaita Pinciple of Non Duality or Advaita. The Acharya explains it in very simple terms.
Concept Of Maya
How the adherence to our ancient scriptures can help us.
Chaaturmasyam Of Sanyasins
The acquision of Knowledge and our everyday lives. How it can help us overcome suffering, sadness, etc. From the teachings of The Acharya, December 7, 1957
Importance Of Bhakti (Devotion)

The Age Of Vedas

Advaita Vedanta

Adherence To The Sastras (Ancient Scriptures)

Acquisition Of Jnana (Knowledge)