Glory of Kshiranadi (Palaru) in Kanchipuram

Glory of Kshiranadi (Palaru) in Kanchipuram

Kshiranadi (Palaru), the sacred river flowing in Kanchipuram, is glorified as carrying the very milk of Sri Devi Parasakti in Sri KamakshiVilasam, which is a part of Sri Markandeya Puranam. By taking bath in the river, one is relieved of all sins and attains to Liberation from the cycle of birth and death. The waters of the river are nectarine (amrita) in Kritayuga, milk in Tretayuga, ghee in Dvaparayuga and water in Kaliyuga.

Once Brahma was humiliated by Subrahmanya for not being able to spell out the correct meaning of Pranava. Brahma concluded that Subrahmanya is omnicient as he had partaken of Sri Parasakti’s milk. Hence he also became keen on drinking the milk of Sri Parasakti. Brahma ascended the Nandi hill and, on the banks of the Devi tirtha, he got initiated into the Mahamantra of Srividya from Siva and performed intense tapas for a hundred years, meditating on Devi.

Pleased with Brahma’s tapas, Sri Adiparasakti showered on Brahma’s head from her bosom Her sacred milk, which at once bestows Supreme Gnana and destroys the bonds of birth and death. Brahma drank the milk and instantly became omniscient. The milk that overflowed from his face on Nandi hill turned into a river. Merging with itself the rivulets, Bahu from South, Kundalini from North, and SamagamanaVrutta and Gada from the sides, the Kshiranadi flowed into Kanchi, and joined the sea. Brahma, on seeing the Milk River, blessed that those who bathe in the river would attain knowledge of the past, become omniscient and attain Moksha.Once upon a time a brahmana abandoned his Kuladharmas, committed many sins and, on death, was relegated to Naraka. He was reborn on earth as a frog in Kundalini river. The frog was caught at the junction of Kundalini river with Kshiranadi by a snake. While dying, the frog gained past knowledge and attained Moksha.
तस्मात् क्षीराह्वया श्रेष्ठा नदीनां ज्ञानदायिनी ।

Of all rivers, Kshiranadi is the most sacred as it grants the highest Gnana instantly.
Prepared by
P. R. Kannan, M.Tech., MUMBAI
(Jagadguru Seva Ratnam, Upanyasa Tilakam)

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