Sri Sankara Matam at Tiruvanaikoil, Trichy

Sri Akilandesvari Sametha Sri Jambunatha temple at Tiruvanaikoil (near Tiruchirapalli) is located in Tiruvanaikoil, about 3 kms from Trichy, and adjacent to Srirangam.

Tiruvanaikoil is one of the Panchabhoota Kshetras (signifying the five elements) and represents Water, hence giving it the name Appu Sthalam, and the Shiva linga is also called Appu Linga. One can see water constantly oozing out of the ground near the Shiva Linga. It Sri Adi Sankara had adorned the image of the Goddess (Akhilandesvari) with ear-ornaments (Tatanka).

Sri Sankara Matam at Tiruvanaikoil is located right beside the temple, on the North Mada Street.

Tiruvanaikoil Sankara Matam
(Front-view of Sri Sankara Matam)

Pujyasri Acharya Swamijis have camped here and performed the Nitya - Tripurasundari Sametha Sri Chandramouleeswara Puja in the Srimatam premises during their visits to Trichy and other places on various occasions. Srimatam houses a Veda Patasala. An old-age home inside the same complex provides shelter and care to the elderly.


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