23    Brahma Vaivarta Purana ‘Phala Shruti’
This Purana describes the magnificence of Deities and their progression/ evolution. It is comparable to River Ganga among the Sacred Rivers, Pushkar among Tirthas, Kashi among the Holy Cities, and Bharata Varsha among Desas/ countries. This Purana is the most significant like Meru among Moutains, Parijata among flowers, Tulasi among leaves, Ekadashi Vrata among Vratas, Kalpa Vriksha among trees, Shri Krishna among Devatas, Maha Deva among the Supreme of ‘Jnaana Swarupas’, Gyaneshwara among Yogendras, Kapila among Shiddheswaras, Surya among the most radiant, Sanat Kumara among the Vaishnava Bhaktas, Shri Rama among the Kings, Lakshmana among the Dhanurdhaaris, Sati Durga among the Punyavati Devis, Radha among the Premikas, Lakshmi among Ishwaris, Sarasvati among the Panditas (Scholars)! It is a distinct generator of sheer joy, which clarifies innumerable doubts and bestows prosperity and propitiousness. It demolishes of Vighnas (obstacles of any kind) and yields fruits of performing Yagnas, Tirtha Darshanas, Vratas and Tapasya. There is no exaggeration in saying that reading this Purana excels ‘Veda Pathana’. Any unfortunate woman reading this would result in prosperity to herself and her husband. The Purana Shravana or Pathana blesses the person concerned with good progeny, good wife / husband, and name and fame. It relieves of diseases to the diseased, shackles from imprisonment, dangers from the victims of great risks, and panic to those experiencing fright etc. Reciting a stanza or half or even a quarter of this Sacred Purana would result in change of human values, encouragement for further reading and concentration and mental application. If all the four ‘Khandas’are read out or heard or cogitated about, then the past sins of Balya, Kaumara, Yuovana and Varthakya stages of life are burnt off and the fruits of ‘Go-daana’ and ‘Yagna phala’ are obtained.

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