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Adhistanam at Thiruvottiyur, Chennai

Sri Mahadevendra Saraswati IV, the 61st Pontiff of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, was previously known as Narayana. He was a great yogi. It was during his pontificate that Atma Bodha wrote his commentary Susama on the Gururatna Malika. He attained mukti at Tiruvottiyur, now a part of Chennai on Sukla Navami in the month of Jyesta of the cyclic year Krothana (1746 AD).

Thiruvottiyur Adhistanam

Nitya Puja with Neivedyam is performed at the Adhistanam, located in Sankara Colony at a distance of about half a kilometer from the famous Sri. Vadivudayamman Sametha Sri Thyagaraja Swami Temple, which contains a Sannadhi of Sri Adi Sankaracharya. In the evenings, Deepam is lighted and prayers offered.

Thiruvottiyur Adhistanam
Thiruvottiyur Adhistanam Thiruvotriyur Adhistanam

Contact Details:

Sri. R.B. Sundaresa Sastrigal
Sri. D. Sreedaran
Tel (044 25993365, 98402 87293)
No.32, South Mada Street, Thiruvottiyur,
Chennai - 600019
Opposite MSM Theatre.

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