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Kamakshi temple

Nitya Annadaana Hall at Kanchipuram
Annadaana Hall at Kanchi
Annadaana Hall at Kanchi

Our Sanatana Hindu Dharma advocates the performances of various virtuous deeds. Among such deeds, Annadaan is considered to be one of the greatest. Annadaana refers to the offering of food to the deserving, like the Saints who take Biksha, the pilgrims who travel to great distances to visit temples, and the needy. In Bhagavadgeetha, Sri Lord Krishna himself has extolled the benefits of Annadhanam. All our Sastras and all our traditions stipulate that the Householder Grahastha can take food only after satisfying the appetite of the guests.

Annadaana Hall at Kanchi

Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam performs Annadaan at various branches and centres on a regular basis as well as on special occasions and in times of special need. In Kanchipuram, Srimatam has established a Nitya Annadaana Hall right beside Sri Kamakshi Amman Temple. More than 500 pilgrims are offered food free of cost in the afternoons at the Nitya Annadaana Hall.

Meal tokens are issued at the various temples in Kanchipuram like the Ekamranatha temple to ensure that the food reaches the genuine pilgrims. A spacious and well- ventilated dining hall with a beautiful idol of Devi Annapoorni - the Supreme Mother who feeds us all - provides the right ambience to the pilgrims to have their meals. Attached to the hall is a well-equipped kitchen which enables hot and fresh food to be served to the large number of pilgrims.

The Annadaana Hall has a unique architectural style and the landscaping and greenery add to its beauty.

Annadaana Hall at Kanchi

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