Shilpa Patashala at Kanchipuram - Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam

Shilpa kala is the art of sculpture. In a land renowned for its temples and in the city of a thousand temples - Nagareshu Kanchi, Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam has established a Shilpa Patasala to bring out trained sculptors with knowledge of our Traditional Sastras and Agamas relevant to sculpture and temple construction.

One will be amazed to see the precision involved in the making of idols and temples, as seen in the text books of the Patasala. The students get to learn the Grantha Lipi (Script) in which books on Shilpa Sastra are available. One can see the students engaged in live sessions of sculpting in the precints of Sri Kamakshi Ambal Temple. The products of the Patasala are known as Sthapatis and are responsible for the beautiful images of the Lord and the many temples which are constructed or renovated.

Drawing Session

Gopuram Drawings

An idol sculpted in the Patasala

Sculpting session in progress

Group photo of students and the Patasala teacher

Drawing of Sri MahaVishnu

Text in Grantha Lipi

Idols sculpted by the Patasala Students

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