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Veda Parayanam held at Swamimalai - 12-12-2016 to 13-01-2017


Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Swamimalai Veda Parayanam Trust ( Regd.)

With the benign blessings and directions of Jagadguru Pujyasri Shankaracharya Swamigal of Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetham, Veda Parayanam was held at Sri Dakshinamurthy Sannadhi, Sri Swaminatha Swami Temple, Swamimalai as detailed below:

With the Divine direction and benign blessings of
Jagadguru Sankaracharyas of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam,
the following Parayanams were conducted during 18-10-2016 to 5-11-2016.

  1. 12-12-2016  kritthikai :
  2.                         Rig Veda Sahmithai  Parayanam was rendered  by …………. 3  vidwangal.

  3. 17-12-2016  Sankata Hara Chaturti :
  4.                         Rig Veda Sahmithai Parayanam was rendered  by ……………  3 vidwangal.

  5. 25-12-2016  Sri Maha Periava Aradhanai :
  6.                         Thytereya Upanishad Parayanam was rendered  by ………     7 vidwangal

  7. 26-12-2016  Anusham :
  8.                         Rig, Krishna Yajur, Sukla Yajur, Kouthama samam &
    Jaimini Sama Veda Parayanam was rendered  by  …………..     14 vidwangal.

  9. 03-01-2017  Sukla  Shashti :
  10.                         Rig, Krishna Yajur, Sukla Yajur, Kouthamam & Jaimini Samam   
    Veda Parayanam was rendered by ……    12 vidwangal.

    • Rig Veda Sahmithai Nithya Parayanam is being held regularly.
    • Forth-coming Parayanam Details :
    • Kruththikai

      Sankata Hara Chathurti

      Anusham  (Anuradha)

      Sukla  shashti
      02-02-2017 Thursday

      Rig Veda Sahmithai Parayanam

      Rig Veda

      Chathur Veda Parayanam

      Chathur Veda

For more details and complete schedule of parayanams for 2016-17, click below:

Brochure in English

Brochure in Tamil


It is situated on a small hillock near Kumbakonam, Tanjore district.  The six feet tall idol is known as Swaminatha, who is reputed to have initiated his father Siva into the power and meaning of OM the Pranava Mantra.  The temple for Swaminatha, the son, is on a higher pedestal than that of the father(Siva).

Source: Our Heritage


The eternal and sacred  Vedas are the very basis or root of our Sanathana Dharma.  Vedas are the sustaining divine force of the universe bestowing all round prosperity to the entire humanity.   Vedic Studies, rendering Veda Parayanam and Veda Parayana Sravanam  (i.e. attending Veda Parayanam), all these are the most effective means  towards universal prosperity, one’s emancipation  endowing ‘Parama Sreyas’.
    His Holiness Jagadguru Sankaracharya Sri Chandrasekharendra Saraswathi Swamigal, the 68th Peetadhipathi of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam had taken upon Himself, with missionary zeal, the task of  working for the preservation of Vedic tradition, culture, practice, and propagation of this vast Vedic treasure, in its pristine pure form, handed down to our generation by our scholarly ancestors.   We are all indebted to the Sage of Kanchi, our Paramaacharya, as HH is popularly referred to, that but for His Holiness’s  forethought, instinct and unstinted  efforts,  some of the rare sakhas  like ‘Atharvana Sounaka’  would have been lost for ever.      

    With this background, Their Holiness Jagadguru Sri Jayendra Saraswathi Swamigal and Jagadguru Sri Sankara Vijayendra Sarawathi Swamiagl, the 69th & 70th  Peetadhipathees of Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam directed that  Nithya Veda Parayanam be organized at Swamimalai Sri SwaminathaSwamy Temple.
This apt selection of venue is significant that the “Poorvaasrama Kuladaivam” of  HH MahaPeriava Sri Chandrasekharendra Sarawathi Swamigal is Swamimalai Sri SwaminathaSwamy;   besides,  Swamimalai is one of the six sacred Subramanya Kshetrams where the Divine Son Subramanya, assumed the name of Swaminathaswami and  initiated  “Pranavopadesam’ to Father Lord Siva.  

  •  1)   Sep 2010  -Swamimali Veda Parayanam  Inauguration :

Swamimalai Veda Parayanam was  Inaugurated on 13-09-2010 by  6 Veda Vidvangal drawn 2 each from Rig, Krishna Yajur & Gouthama Sama Vedam;  followed by Parayanam on every Anusham.

  •  2)   Jan 2011 Sri Maha Periava Aradhana i- Thaittireeya Upanishad  Parayanam :

Thittireeya Upanishad Parayanam is arranged on every Aradhanai day of HH Sri Maha Periava,  starting from the year Vikruthi 01-01-2011.

  •  3)    March 2011-  Addition of  2 more Veda  Sakhas  -  Sukla Yajur & Jaimini  Sama Vedam :

From  24-03-2011 Anusham, the content  of the parayanam was enhanced to include  the Sukla Yajur Vedam  and the rare Jaimini Sakhai of Sama Vedam.  Thus now 10  Vedic Scholars, 2 each from Rig, Krishna Yajur, Sukla Yajur, Gouthama  &  Jaimini Sakhas of Sama Vedam participate  in the Parayanam.

  •  4)     6th to 8th Aug 2011  - Atharva Veda Parayanam,  an Annual Event begins :

Any Program on Veda Parayanam is deemed to be exhaustive  only when all the four Vedas
(including Atharvana Vedam are accommodated. However Atharvana Veda Vidvangal have to be drafted from out-stations.  So, In our efforts to bring Atharvana Vedam also into the perview of  ‘Swamimalai Veda Parayanam’,  an annual program was arranged.  During 6th to  8th Aug 2011, ending with Anusham  on 8th Aug 2011,  ATHARVANA VEDA SAMHITHA POORNA PARAYANAM was rendered by 4 South Indian Atharvana Veda Pundits. It was an unique  programme in the sense that the 4 Pundits were “Dwi-Vedies” i.e.  besides their own Veda Sakhai, have additionally completed Vedaabyasam of Atharvana Sounaka Sakhai.  Two of these scholars are the ones whom during mid-1960s HH Sri Maha Periava sponsored to undergo Atharva Veda Paatam for 5 years under an eminent scholar at Gujarat.   From the year 2012 onwards, this is conducted for 4 days at a stretch.
For further reading, an  article  titled “Atharvana Vedam - HH’s initiative” is presented separately.

  • 5)  Veda Vidwangal Drafted from Out-Stations

Jaimini Sama Veda Vidwangal are drafted for parayanam from Thohur near Trichy and Athrvana Veda Vidwangal from Thirupathy and  Chennai.

  • 6)  27th April 2012-  Sukla Shashti  Prayanam commences

The scope of the parayanam was extended to Sukla Shashti also  from Nandana Year 2012-2013.   Now 27/04/2012  onwards, Parayanam is being held  on every Sukla Shashti also besides Anusham.

  • 7)  21st Sep 2012  -  Rig Veda Nithya Parayanam starts

Their Holiness have further directed that this Parayanam,   presently  conducted on every Anusham & Sukla Shashti be gradually extended to be held “DAILY” (Nithya  Parayanam) on all Vedas.  Accordingly we were graced to start Rig Veda Nithya Parayanam from 21-09-2012 synchronizing with Anusham & Sukla Shashti.

  • 8)  Vyasa Poojai Vasthra Samarpanam To Sri Swaminathaswami

It is customary  that  the “Vyasa Poojai Vasthram”  from Sri  Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam  is offered to  Swamimalai Sri Swaminathaswamy every year during Chaathurmasya Vratham. 
In line with this tradition, as directed by their Holiness, on the concluding day of Atharva Veda Parayanam 8-8-2011 Anusham,  Ushath Kala Abhishekam was performed to the Lord;  Sri Rudram, Pancha Rudram, Sama Veda Rudram, Atharvana Veda Rudram, Kumaara Sooktham followed by chamakam, Purusha Sooktham & Nakshatra Sooktham etc were all rendered by Veda Parayana Pundits.   Sri Swaminathaswami was adorned with the “Vyasa Poojai Vastram”.   The entire event was an  enthralling divine scenario. 
“Kumaara Bhojanam”  was  arranged as a part of Vasthra Samarpanam programme.
In the evening, regular Anusha Parayanam was performed by 14 Vedic Scholars including  Atharva Veda Vidvans.

  • 9)  25-05-2013 - Sri Maha Periava Jayanthi Parayanam – Rig Veda Sookthangal :

From Vijaya Year (2013-2014) onwards, Rig Veda Sookthangal Parayanam is arranged on every Jayanthi of HH Sri Maha Periava. 
The first parayanam was performed on 25-05-2013 during 7:30 to 10:30  A.M. on

Ganapathy Sooktham, Kumaara Sooktham (rendered in “Thiruchendoor Pattern”), Souram, Purusha Sooktham, Pancha Rudram, Devi Sooktham, Pavamanam, Manyu Sooktham, Go Sooktham etc.   **This Jayanthi Parayanam will be held every year henceforth.**
         10)  Nov 2013 - Atharvana Veda Poorna Samhitha Parayanam – twice a year :
For the first 2 years  2011 & 2012,  Atharvana Veda Poorna Samhitha Parayanam was held once during a year.   Their Holiness directed that this will be twice a year from 2013 onwards. The 1st session was during 11th to 14th Sep 2013,  and the 2nd session from 5th to 8th Nov 2013 coinciding with Skanda Shashti on 8th Nov 2013.

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