New Goshala facility inaugurated at Vedal, Kanchipuram- 6 Dec. 2019

With the divine blessings of His Holiness, Under the auspices of Shri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetam, a new facility was added in the Vedal Goshala. Presently there are three goshalas being run in Kanchipuram. At Vedal, with the blessings of Pujyashri Acharyal,in August 2018, a goshala was started with 2 desi cows (Indian breed). Now, this goshala has grown in size with 75 cows and a few calves. After doing Homam and Gho Pooja, all these cows and calves were shifted with improved facilities and more amenities. In the natural environment, this goshala in 4000 Sq. feet area with natural ventilation with a capacity for 175 cows has been set up. In this new Go shala, with water tub(தொட்டி)for each cow and facilities to segregate them have been made. For cows and calves to move around, a separate ramp type facility is also provided. In this five acre facility, the cows graze in the mornings till afternoon. In order to conserve and preserve water, arrangements have been made to re-utilise the water used for cleaning the cow shed and cows for the growth of green fields nearby. To produce gobar-gas from the cow-dung, work has been started. At present from the cow-dung, sacred ash(விபூதி) and cow-dung-cake(விரட்டி) are produced. Using earthworms and cow-dung, natural fertiliser is produced. Devotees wishing to involve in Gosamrakshana may visit HARA HARA SANKARA, JAYA JAYA SANKARA .

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