श्री रुद्रम् SRI RUDRAM

सप्तमोऽनुवाकः Anuvakam 7
Shiva Statue at Vedal

Mantra  1

नमो दुन्दुभ्याय चाहनन्याय च ।



दुन्दुभ्याय च-  To one who is present in kettle-drum,   आहनन्याय च- to one who is present in the stick used for beating the drum.



In this seventh Anuvakam also, Sri Parameswara is adored as One who is in the hearts of all beings and is indeed all.

(Meaning is being given only for new words. As in the previous Anuvakam, add Prostration to that Parameswara in the respective mantras.)



Mantra  2

नमो धृष्णवे च प्रमृशाय च ।



धृष्णवे च-  To one who does not run away from battle showing his back,  प्रमृशाय च- to one who knows the intricacies of the opposing army.



Mantra  3

नमो दूताय च प्रहिताय च ।



दूताय च-   To one who is proficient in conveying our message to others and getting to know of their intent,   प्रहिताय च – to one who is sent by the master for fulfilling a task.



Mantra  4

नमो निषङ्गिणे चेषुधिमते च ।



निषङ्गिणे च-     To the holder of sword,  इषुधिमते च-   to the holder of quiver of arrows.



Mantra  5

नमस्तीक्ष्णेषवे चायुधिने च ।



तीक्ष्णेषवे च-   To the holder of sharp rrows,   आयुधिने च-  to the holder of superior, or many weapons.



Mantra  6

नमस्स्वायुधाय च सुधन्वने च ।



स्वायुधाय च-   To the holder of superior weapons,    सुधन्वने च- to the holder of superior bow.



Mantra  7

नमस्स्रुत्याय च पथ्याय च ।



स्रुत्याय च-   To one who is in narrow pathway (fit for only one person to walk),   पथ्याय च- to one who is in the highway where chariot etc. travel.




Mantra  8

नमः काट्याय च नीप्याय च ।



काट्याय च-    To one who is in small channel,    नीप्याय च- to one who is in large streams.


Mantra  9

नमस्सूद्याय च सरस्याय च ।



सूद्याय च-     To one who is in muddy place,   सरस्याय च- to one who is in tank.



Mantra  10

नमो नाद्याय च वैशन्ताय च ।



नाद्याय च -    To one who is in rivers,   वैशन्ताय च-  to one who is in small ponds.



Mantra  11

नमः कूप्याय चावट्याय च ।



कूप्याय च-    To one who is in wells,  अवट्याय च-  to one who is in ditches.



Mantra  12

नमो वर्ष्याय चावर्ष्याय च ।



वर्ष्याय च-    To one who is in rain waters,   अवर्ष्याय च- to one who is in drought condition.



It is established that Easwara is the cause of rain and its absence, depending on the karmas of beings.  अवर्ष्याय- has also been interpreted as one who is in the ocean waters, not dependent on rain.



Mantra  13

नमो मेघ्याय च विद्युत्याय च ।



मेघ्याय च-    To one who is in the cloud,   विद्युत्याय च- to one who is in lightning.



Mantra  14

नम ईध्रियाय चातप्याय च ।



ईध्रियाय च-    To one who is in the stain-free clouds of the autumn season,   आतप्याय च- to one who is in the Suns heat.



Mantra  15

नमो वात्याय च रेष्मियाय च ।



वात्याय च-  To one who is in air,  रेष्मियाय च-  to one who is in the time of Pralaya (Final Dissolution).



Mantra  16

नमो वास्तव्याय च वास्तुपाय च ।



वास्तव्याय च-   To one who is in cow, horse etc.,  वास्तुपाय च-   to one who protects the plot of land meant for constructing house,  नमः- Prostration to that Parameswara.



This seventh Anuvakam is a single Mahamantra, containing these sixteen internal mantras. Rishi of this Mahamantra is Romasa; Chandas is Mahaanushtup; Devata is Rudra.



जटाभिर्लम्बमानाभिर्नृत्यन्तमभयप्रदम् ।

देवं शुचिस्मितं ध्यायेद्व्याघ्रचर्मपरिष्कृतम् ॥


One should meditate on Mahadeva, who dances with tresses hanging, grants freedom from fear, has a gentle smile and wears tiger skin.


Repetition of this mantra will bestow benefits like intellect, long life, health, wealth, sons, learning, moksha etc.

Translated by: P R Kannan, Navi Mumbai from Commentary in Tamil by
Former Editor, Hitabhashini,
Srimatham, Kanchipuram