Acharya's Call Part-II

H.H. JAGADGURU’S Madras Discourses


Part II

HH Mahaswamiji
45    Universal Love

Love and compassion to all beings should fill our hearts always. Where there is love, there is the expression of divinity, for God is love. Even as a light behind a screen becomes visible in all its splendor when the screen is removed, so too, there is an effulgence of jnana and prema when evil desires, hatred and anger are removed from the mind. This truth has been brought out in songs of saints like Pattinathar and Ramalinga Swamigal. God also appeared as Mother. He was Thayumanavar (தாயுமானவர்) embodying and expressing the natural and spontaneous love of the mother to all children. God has love for all and all things; He is the ocean of love (kripaa samudram क्रुपासमुद्रम्).

Love between equals is called maitri (मैत्रि)or friendship; love shown to God and to superiors is bhakti and love to inferiors is kripa. A house cannot be built, nor can it stand, except on a strong and enduring foundation. The edifice of our life ought to be raised on the foundation of universal love. We frequently come across the expression “Dharma ensures success” (dharmamejayam தருமமே ஜயம்). This dharma should be basis of our life. Katchaleswara Agraharam and the adjoining parts of Madras are known as Kandakoshtam, like Kumarakoshtam in Kanchi. And Sri Ramalinga Swamigal has praised Madras in the words, Dharmamihu sennai (தர்மமிகு சென்னை). Madras is justly renowned for its charity. He taught us the unity of grace and love – the arul (அருள்) of Siva and anbu (அன்பு) of the Divine Mother – both of which can be earned only by leading the dharmic way of life (nanneri நன்னெரி). If our heart is filled with love, we will qualify for the grace of God.

April 2, 1958

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