Accommodation in Kanchi & other centres

Accommodation is provided to devotees visiting Shrimatam, Kanchipuram at the Yatri Nivas on Sri Kamakshi Amman Sannadhi Street (located very close to the Main Entrance of Sri Kamakshi Amman temple).
For Bookings, Contact:

* Tel for Tamil- 044-47210740,044-45145616
* Tel for other languages- 7708525128.

Payment can be made to the following QR code for Advance booking and details sent by whatsapp to +91 8220717140:
Yatri Nivas Kanchi QR Code booking

(Devotees travelling to pilgrimage centres like Rameshwaram, Kashi, Haridwar etc. can stay at the respective Srimatam branches. Please check the Srimatam branches list for the contact details. )