Invisible power

R. Seshaiah

This happened in the year 1978, When I was working as Special Deputy Tahsildar at Gudur, Nellore District, a disgruntled mica dealer who was sacred by my strictness in the performance of my duties had cleverly planned and got me trapped by A.C.B. Officials in 1974. He alleged that I demanded and accepted a bribe of Rs. 50/- from the dealer. Pending, enquiry, I was placed under suspension. To add to my misfortune there was a lot of delay on the part of the A.C.B. in filing the charge-sheet in the Court and even after the charge-sheet was filed there was still more delay in starting the hearing of the court case So till 1978 I was forced to go to the Court several times at my personal expense.

At last in 1978, the hearing was completed. The evidence on record was in my favour and even the Public Prosecutor felt sorry for foisting this case on me and wished me success just before the delivery of the verdict.

But to my dismay in March 1978, the Judge convicted me with imprisonment and fine, by twisting the actual evidence of the witnesses. I obtained bail and filed an appeal in A.P. High Court. In the meanwhile, having been pained by this unjust judgment, I wrote a poetic letter in Telugu to Sri Chandrasekharendra Swamy of Kanchi informing him of the injustice done by me by a Judge who was expected to dispense justice.

I wrote this letter to Swamiji on 5.4.1978 and set it by post Though I did not get any reply from Swamiji His spiritual grace took effect and the injustice caused to me by the Lower Court was nullified by the High Court and I was fully acquitted of all the charges. I also got back my salary for the period of suspension amounting to Rs. 44,000/-. I certainly believe that this was only on account of the grace of Swamy Varu which I cannot forget in my lifetime.