Kanchi Paramacharyal

Sri-la-Sri Sivaprakasa Desika Paramacharya Svamigal Thiruvavaduthurai Aadheenam

An extremely cordial relationship has existed between Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Peetadhipathis and our Aadheenam. We had an opportunity to experience it personally when we ascended this Peetha on 9th March, 1983. Sri Paramacharya Sri Chandrasekharendra Sarasvathi sent His benedictions through two Srowthigals of the Sri Matham and presented a Rudraksha-mala and a shawl. We were deeply touched by His kind an divine love.

We had an occasion to visit Sri Matham at Kanchipuram during January 1990. Then we were on a Yatra to have a darsan of various holy place from Kasi to Rameswaram. We had completed the Kasiyatra and were worshipping at the temples at Thondainadu, especially in Kanchi. We paid a visit to Sri Matham and the Paramacharya accorded us a warm reception. In the private audience with Him we discovered His exuberant divine love to us. He received the Gangatirtha with His hands; fastened the Kasi-bandhana Himself and donned the shawl by himself. (The Balaswamigal Sri Sankara Vijayendra Saraswati was also present on that occasion).

The Paramacharya dwelt at length on the cordial relation between Sri Matham and our Aadheenam. We extensively quoted from scriptures and Thirumurais and talked on the benefits accruing from tirthas and the temples, especially the Kamakottam at Kanchi, the importance of Vedic recitation as it ought to be done as laid down by our ancestors etc. He spoke of Thirugnanasambandar an Thirunavakkarasar. He made a request to us to maintain the convention of reciting "Sama Veda" according to the chandas in Tiruveezhimzhalai. He quoted the appropriate lines from the Thevarappasuram pertaining to Tiruveezhimizhalai. Then He showed us those lines by His fingers. "The Lord who always recites the Sama" ("Chandoga samam odum vayanai" i.e. Sama Veda. As the temple is under our control, we permanently maintain, according to His wish, the convention of the recital of Sama Veda through two Srowthigals. Then He presented us a Chadara and a chikna-rudraksha-maala. We were deeply touched by His benign gesture.

We always feel enveloped with the Divine Light emitting off His face and with His constant prayers to the Grace His erudite scholarship in Vedas and Thirumurais alike are deeply moving. The devotees who commemorate His Centenary Year should revolve to follow His precepts and practice. That only will be their true worship offered to the Paramacharya.

We pray to our Atmartha-moorthi, the Gnanamahaa Nataraja, to bestow the opportunity of the Paramacharya.

The Jagadguru is a symbol of religious harmony and devotes His life to promote universal brother-hood at large and unity of all faiths.

- Girija Prasad Koirala
Former Prime Minister of Nepal.