My personal experiences with His Holiness

T.R.Krishnamurthi Sasi & Sekar

There is no one worth mentioning in the world who did not know our Mahaswamigal. In India all pious people know him as God in human form. Next to Goddess Kamakshi He is adorning Kanchi-Kshetram blessing all people who are lucky to go to Him.

I should say, I am gifted to receive of Thennangur situated between Vandavasi and ancient Kanchipuram. Thirty years ago my cousin brother Sri T.S. Nagaswamy who was also from Thennangur, one day phoned me to say that Mahaswamigal would be visiting Thennangur and that I should be there to receive him. He was working as an advocate and I was a Purchase Officer in Dunlop India, in their Ambattur factory. I took my two sons along with me and we were there in time to receive the Jagadguru. After we had darsan I introduced my sons starting to say "This is my kanishtan" and I faltered a bit to say that the other is my jyeshtan. Mahaswamigal looked at me with a smile and said "enda ivan chinna pillai, ivan peria pillainnu sollen" ("say this is younger and the other is elder"). All of us were thrilled with the affectionate words and the simplicity of communication. He wanted me to put the names in Tamil because I faltered in putting it Sanskrit.

After resigning my job at Dunlop I started a small-scale industry in the name of Sasi & Sekar for the manufacture of gears required for machinery. Two years after starting my factory in 1967, I went to Ranipet for business. On my return I wanted to have darsan of Paramacharyal who was then in Gollachatram. When I went near the entrance of Goll-chatram the guard told us that we could not have darsan as Paramacharyal was in Nishtai. In dejection I was about to turn when the guard said that we could have darsan as Swamigal has now come out and sitting in the courtyard. By then a big crowd had gathered. All of us rushed in with the thulasi garland in our hands. Paramacharyal was sitting by the side of the corner pillar; we were standing about ten feet away in a circle and I was in the front line. Swamigal, signaling by his fingers, called. I could not know whether it was me, People by my side said that it was me who was called so. I went near covering my mouth with my right palm and stood at about four feet away. At that time he ordered "Kitta Va"(come near). I well still nearer. Again I was ordered "Utkkaru" (sit down). I sat very near him. At this time he started the conversation in Tamil. I shall give this verbatim.

Param : "engirundu vare" (where do you come from?)

Self : "madrasle kodambakkathilirundu" (from Kodambakkam in Madras).

Param : "enna panre?" (What are you doing?)

Self : "gear factory vachirukken." (I am running a gear factory).

Param : "gearunna?" (what is gear?)

Self : "palchakram" (toothed wheel).

Param : "munnadi enna pannindirunde?" (what were you doing earlier?)

Self : "Dunlop purchase officera irunden.) (I was purchase officer in Dunlop)

Param : "Dunlopile Krishnane theriyuma?" (Do you know Krishnan in Dunlop?)

Self : "Theriyum" (I know)

Param : "un factorile ethineper velai seiyara?" (How many people work in you factory?)

Self : "aru per velai seira." (six people are working)

Param : "masam enna sambalam kodukkare?" (How much do you pay per month?)

Self : "Sumar irandayiram." (Roughly two thousand).

Param : "Kadan vanginayo?" (Did you borrow?)

Self : "vangiyirukken." (I did)

Param : "vaddi koduthindurukkaya?" (Are you paying interest?)

Self : "vaddi koduthindurukkaya?" (Are you paying interest?)

Self : "koduthindurukken." (I am paying)

Param : "vaddiyum koduthu sambalamum kodukka vandindirukka?" (Do you get enough to pay the interest and the wages?)

At this stage I laughed and told him " onga anugrahathile vandindirukku." (By your grace I am getting enough). Swamigal also laughed and said lifting his concaved palm, "Kshemama iru. Poiva": (Be prosperous. Go). Swamiji's blessings simply thrilled not only me but also everyone assembled there. From that time onwards we are growing and I consider all employees as a part of my family.

Two experiences in a half-dream state are to be mentioned here. Both these happened in London, U.K. I shall give a detailed account of these one by one.

During 1974/75 my son-in-law Dr. S. Balakrishnan got his first appointment in Neath (Wales, UK.) Govt. Hospital. After a few months with prior permission of Paramacharyal I took my daughter to Neath. My son-in-law had hospital quarters. The quarters was a full house having rooms in the ground and first floors. At that time we were only three. My daughter asked me to use the first floor room. Within a few days I had the unique experience in that room Within a few days feet away from the door. I was lying on by back with my knees raised vertically up. Suddenly I saw Swamigal standing by the side of the cot. I was half awake and still lying in the same posture. Paramacharyal said "Nee eppodum kilakke parthu ellam saiyare. Adakku nan onakku oru punishment kodukkapporen." (You do everything facing east. I am giving you a punishment for that.) Hearing these words I though "ellorum kilakke parthu saiyaradu nalladunnu solluvale" (Every body says that it is good to do things facing the east.) Suddenly Paramacharyal transformed Himself as 2/3 years old charming boy and was lying over my legs holding both my knees with His hands as any grandson would do with his grandfather. I was immensely delighted and said "Idudan punishment! idukku nan evvalavo punyam pannirukkaname!" (Is this the punishment? I must have earned enormous merits to deserve this). As I uttered these words He got His original form, opened the door and went away. The first thing in the morning I told my daughter this exciting experience. Since then I have told this to many but not, of course to Paramacharyal.

The next experience also came about in London. My wife and I were in my daughter's house. The residence was in the 2nd floor of a house in High Street North, in Eastham, London. One day after food at about 11 a.m. I was lying on a cot. Suddenly I felt a severe pain on my right hip and quickly it became unbearable and with a cry I fell down unconscious. Immediately I saw Paramacharyal also lying down with His head close to mine and His legs placed diametrically opposite. We were looking at each other. In the next few seconds Paramacharyal pressed strongly by His right thumb the center portion of my eyebrows so that the tip of His thumb was facing towards my nose. He kept pressing for about a minute and then stopped. Immediately I got up and did not find Him. The scene was very vivid and colourful. My hip pain stopped and I continued to feel the pressure of His thumb for about 10 minutes. It was a dream I would not have felt the pressure even after awakening. Meanwhile my son-in-law as a doctor had arranged for a bed in the hospital for treatment. Every one in the house was very much alarmed. I told them the semi-dream incident and calmed them saying that everything would be alright as Paramacharyal has saved me. In about a week's time I was completely normal. This happened during August, 1980.

I shall now narrate two dreams each of which was very clear, colourful and meaningful which even today are very fresh in my mind. In the year 1977, one early morning I had a dream. There was a sacrificial altar about four square feet and full of ashes. I was sitting on one side and on the opposite Paramacharyal was sitting. By leaning over the kundam full of ashes He put His right hand deep into the ash and took one Spatika Lingam. Showing a line in the middle of the lingam He said "Nee" He pointed His forefinger towards me. At that moment I woke up and was thinking of this stotram which I never have heard of before. I enquired in various places and finally for this book in Ramakrishna Math book stall. I submitted one copy to Paramacharyal at His camp at Satara which He read fully including the dream which was also printed as a foreword. My two sons also do Sivapooja and Purushasooktham. After Havis, Naivedyam only all of us have our lunch. All are Guru's anugraham only.

A few years ago I had this second dream. I was standing on a dais along with another person probably belonging to Kanchi Math. Paramacharyal was seated on one edge of the dais. There was an arrangement for pooja for Murugan and Bhuvaneswari. A white cloth bag was there full of sobhana akshatai (auspicious yellow rice). Paramacharyal asked that person to give that bag to me and accordingly he gave the bag to me. Paramacharyal asked that person to give that bag to me and accordingly he gave the bag to me. Paramacharyal said " ivene poojai pannachollu" (Ask this man to perform pooja). Then I started to do pooja for Murugan whose picture was kept below that of Bhuvaneswari. Originally these were only pictures but now they appeared in flesh and blood and were smiling. I completed the pooja with all happiness. Then I told the other person with me that the pooja was completed. At that time I saw a vast crowd. I could see only the heads. It looked as though a human sea has formed. Paramacharyal asked that person "icvalukkellam pesachollu" (ask him to speak to the crowd). This time instead of telling the third person I directly told Paramacharyal "enakkupesavarade" (I do not know to make speech). Paramacharyal said " pesu varum" (Speak, you will get it). At this Blessing I woke up and uttered Gurustotram. After this I had many opportunities to speak on several occasions.