God on earth

Y. Krishnamurthy

It was February, 1967, at Allagadda, a taluk headquarters in Kurnool district of A.P. I was Special Grade Block Development Officer and my office and the official quarters for the staff were situated about 2 km. from the town of Allagadda at Mallareddy Veda Nagar (M.V. Nagar). Ahobilam, the abode of Lord Narasimha is about 25 km. east, situated in the Nallamalai hill range.

His Holiness Sri Chandrasekharendra Sarasvathi Swamigal, the "Periaval", accompanied by "Pudu Perival", Sri Jayendra Sarasvathi Swamigal, was on His journey from Proddatur in Cuddapah district to Srisailam. Sri Krishnamurthy, the Manager of the Math and Sri R. Subramaniam, a retired official, who were looking after the Paramacharya's programmes in Cuddapah district called on me to give the best news of my life. "Sri Periaval will be camping at your house in a week, en route to Srisailam. Please vacate your quarters and make necessary arrangements. "It was a God-send. I did as they desired to make the stay for Their-Holinesses comfortable and convenient.

A day before the scheduled arrival of the party, I and my family went to Chagalamarri where Sri Periaval was camping. When I mentioned about the next day's visit to my place, He casually replied " I am not a Government Official to go as per tour programmes. I move as I desire." I felt that I missed a life's benefaction. The next day Sri Periaval went to Ahobilam Kshetra by a cart track, by-passing Allagadda, making about 20 Kms. That was an important occasion. It was the completion of 60 years of His Peethathipatyam. There were only a few selected scholars around Him on that auspicious occasion, including Sri N. Ramesan, I.A.S. from Hyderabad.

For M.V. Nagar and a Sathyanarayan temple, Sri Vengal Reddy and gifted about 50 acres of land in memory of his father-in-law, Malla Reddy. Vengal Reddy had earlier visited Kancheepuram and requested Sri Periaval to visit M.V. Nagar and He agreed. I was largely instrumental for the setting up of M.V. Nagar colony in 1955. My Reddy and I felt that Sri Periaval who was staying close to Allagadda should be again requested to visit M.V. Nagar. We had to travel 30 kms to upper Ahobilam. We had no vehicles to travel by. Allagadda was a small place where no cars or jeeps were available. We could not find even a lorry. It was 3.00 p.m. We were afraid that Sri Periaval may leave Ahobilam next day bypassing even Allagadda.

A miracle: While we were in a terrible agony as to how to reach His Holiness, a friend of mine drove in all the way from Nellore about 250 kms, in a Fiat car just to say "hello" to me. We felt that it was His wish that we met Him. We all drove straight to upper Ahobilam. It was 5.00 p.m. Sri Pudu Periaval and Sri Krishnamoorthy, Manager, took us to Sri Periaval to endorse our request to visit M.V. Nagar and reminded Him about Sri Vengal Reddy's request earlier at Kancheepuram. Again it was "I am not a Government Official to go as per tour programmes and I go as I feel". For a moment we felt terribly upset and unfortunate.

But Shri Pudu Perival showed a way out. At that time of the year the Uthsavamoorthy of Lord Narasimha went around the village of Ahobilam, before the Brahmothsavam festival started. This has been an ancient custom. Sri Pudu Periaval suggested to Sri Periaval that the Ahobila-Kshetra darshan was not complete without darshan of the Uthsavamoorthy. At that time the Uthsavamoorthy was very near M.V. Nagar Readily Sri Periaval agreed to visit M.V. Nagar so that He could have the darshan of Uthsavamoorthy the next morning. He called me and said He would be reaching our place around midnight. We had the unique fortune of receiving Sri Periaval and party around 2.00 a.m. Sri Periaval called for the day's 'Indian Express' where an Italian philosopher had written an article "God on Earth", to mark the great occasion of the sixtieth year of His Peethadhipatyam a per Tamil calendar. Hundreds of devotees mostly from South came to have darshan of Sri Perival. I felt I saw God in my house and I had everything I wished in my life.

Malla Reddy Veda Nagar uninhabited for a decade, is now bubbling with life after Sri Periaval visited the place.