The Invisible saviour

V. Raghotaman

It all happened one day in the hot month of September 1986. My wife Radha and I were returning from Varanasi to Secunderabad. The train arrived at Secunderabad R.S. late by 4 hours. We were new to Secunderabad. Unfortunately we were travelling by a useless cycle rickshaw driven by a drunkard. We were in search of the home of my wife's sister Smt. Saraswathi Venkataraman. In Secunderabad, house numbers don't exist in any serial order. We had crossed without knowing the house at New Boilguda. We were circling and circling uselessly much to the disgust of the driver. The sun was very hot. It was 1 p.m. Still we couldn't locate our destination. We became dead-tired and at that desperate moment we thought of the sage of Kanchi Paramacharyal, to guide and protect us. Oh! what a great change! A Tamil sumangali, by name Seethalkshmi Subarmaniam, as I learnt later, stood before us and enquired about our plight. She look us to her home which was very near, and gave us shelter and water and later lunch also. We were relived from the clutches of the drunken driver also. We found solace in her house. There was a gentle drizzle outside to cool the day. Then I returned to locate my sister-in-law's house by walk and found it out. She came with me and took us to her house. The very thought of our sage saves us from troubles. It is a great fortune of our time that He lives with us. We have to blame ourselves if we do not avail ourselves fully of His divine presence.