Mere Wish Becomes a reality

N. Rajagopalan

When Swamigal was camping at Bellary in the year 1979, on the eve of 'Chathurmasya' final day, Maha Swamigal sent His emissary to Anantpur with instruction to inform me to take my car and go to a place 170 kms away, meet the temple authority, collect some "vastram" (clothes) and return before 10 p.m. that day. The emissary reached Anantapur at about 4-15 p.m. and told me about this. I took my car, took my wife and son and the emissary along with me and left Anantpur at 4-40 p.m. reached the temple in no time and returned home at 9.20 pm In other words I was myself wondering as to how I could cover about 340 kms in hardly 4 1/2 hours, including the 30 minutes we spent in the temple for collecting the 'vasthrams'. This was nothing but a miracle. No driver on earth could have driven the car at such a speed and that too in the night, especially on a State highway where the road is only 30 feet wide. I can quote a number of instance like this.