Deivattin Kural - Volume 3

Section 1-Guru

1.Adi Shankaracharya's Acharya Bhakti

2.Ramanuja's acharya bhakthi

3.Guru bhakti displayed by Great Souls

4.Follow the traditions of the clan

5.Regard Guru as Ishwara

6.Several paths for the one final bliss

7.Guru bhakthi of Sikhs

Section 2-Conduct of Individuals and Society

1. Upavasam


3. Benefits which are the essence

4. True reform in food preparation

5. How to extend hospitality

6. True reform

7. Bhikshai and Swayampakam

8. Remembering God while going to sleep

9. The highest state cannot be the example

10. Matters relating to acharam

11. From the external to the internal

12. The relationship between dharma and acharam

13. Containing everything

14. Relating all activities to Iswara

15. Acharam and Varnashramam

16. Complete acharam to the extent possible

17. Why Divasam?

18. Purification of body and mind

19. A day without service is a day lost

20. Self help is the best help

21. Public service and service to the family

22. Hindu religion and individual

23. How it differs from other religion

24. Why I do not speak about ones own mundane affairs

25. Injunction of sasthras

26. Example of the great

27. Matters pertaining to parents

28. Matters pertaining to wife and children

29. Adverse effect on the objective itself

30. First the Home then the rest

31. Punishment for failing in Duty

32. The quality of service

33. How to save

34. Weight of experience

35.Single test is enough

36. Weekly worship

37. Decline in discipline due to reforms

38. Fraud hypocrisy

39. Shortcut to Moksham

40. Charity begins at home

41. Simple living

42. Cooperation between husband and wife

43. Duty of religious enthusiasts

44. Hindu society's blemish

45. Unclaimed corpses

46. This is Ashvamedha

47. The path shown by Rama and Krishna

48. To help the growth of Vedhic ways

49. Duty towards the dead

50. Kindred and relatives

51. Manliness through bodily Labour

52. The need for both physical and spiritual Accomplishment

53. To earn respect without a degree

54. Ladies and shramdhan

55. Hard work and Progeny

56. Service to God and service to Humans

57. Great donors of Tamil Nadu

58. Service by Ladies

59. Sugar coated pill

60. What the Gita commands

61. Practical evidence

62. God,Religion and Dharma

63. There different ideologies

64. When Yama the lord of death was himself afraid

65. Service not influenced by caste factor is the need

66. Activities to be conducted by the thought of God

67. Thrift and service to others

68. Net result

69. Narrow pathway

70. Books on Achara

71. Distinction in the rules - food

72. Without questioning

73. Acharam and office

74. Essence of Sanathana dharma

75. Gift away the thought of charity also

76. Those who are exceptions

77. Mounam..Silence

78. Silence is the nature of a Muni

79. Days suitable for Mounam

80. Keeping awake

81. Will also help social good

82. Lesson that i have Learnt

83. Silent prayer

84. Being calculative in all kinds of income and expenditure

85. Vedic religion and service to the world Part 1

86. Vedic religion and service to the world Part 2

87. Giving up Meat - step by step

88. Smoking-An anti social Act

89. Vegetarian food is of greater need now than before

90. The three Qualities

91. Milk and Milk products

92. Chewing Pan

93. The goal of peace should not be spoiled

94. Rules to suit the times

95. Quantity is important

96. Avoiding Salt

97. Cooking ones own food

98. Swayampakam - A new tune

99. Upavasam as dealt with in Upanishads

100. Upavasam and hard work

101. Exalted status accorded by people of all divisions

102. Very strict observance by Madhvas

103. Names of Ekadasi

104. Let us have a sense of fulfillment

105. Need for Upavasam Part 1

106. Need for Upavasam Part 2

107. Need for Upavasam Part 3

108. The way to nurture vedic learning

109. Prohibition

110. Matters emotional or sentimental

111. Object of temple worship Part 1

112. Object of temple worship Part 2

113. Reasons for contradiction part 1

114. Reasons for contradiction part 2

115. Let us all become Orthodox

116. Reforms with Spiritual goals

117. Acharam is for spiritual satisfaction

118. Flexibility in Acharam Part 1

119. Flexibility in Acharam Part 2

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